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December 30, 2013

Join Scentsy in January

Free Starter Kit shipping

There has never been a better time to join Scentsy than in January 2014!!  I have been a consultant for almost 6 years and have never seen a better time to join than now!  If you join and sell Scentsy in January, you will get free shipping on your Scentsy Starter Kit!!  ($10 value)

Sell Scentsy

Join my Scentsy team now at https://sattler.scentsy.us/join during January 2014 to take advantage of this great offer.

Free Shooting Star Enhancement Kit ($300 value!!!)

When you sell 500 PRV (Personal Retail Volume) in your first 15 days (from when you sign up, not when you receive your Starter Kit), you get this Scentsy Shooting Star Kit for free too!!  ($300 value, usually $200 to purchase)  Just look at all you can get for free when you join Scentsy in January - in addition to your Scentsy Starter kit! Join Scentsy Shooting Star Kit


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Join Scentsy in January

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