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September 29, 2014

October Join Scentsy Promo

Join Scentsy in October 2014 Promotion

join scentsy promo

Perfect time to join and sell Scentsy

Join and sell Scentsy in October 2014  for a great promotion including the extra 30 free mini Scentsy scent testers and a  cute tester tote bag, in addition to the already amazing Scentsy Starter Kit!

Mini Scentsy Scent Testers

Mini testers are a great addition to your home parties, I often leave a set of mini Scentsy fragrance testers with my host before her party to help her collect outside sales if a guest can't make it to the party. That way, they can smell the scent testers and order their Scentsy fragrance of choice.

Mini Scentsy scent testers help expand your business to non-local areas too, as they are small and easy to mail to different locations.

Scentsy Basket Party

Scentsy mini testers are also great for expanding your Scentsy business through basket parties, similar to a catalog party, with testers and samples.  So, getting an extra set of Scentsy mini testers is a great extra free promo and incentive to join Scentsy in October!

Sell Scentsy

october Scentsy join bonus kit

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