Scentsy Compensation:  Paid at Title

A big part of maximizing the Scentsy Compensation Plan and earning the Scentsy income you dream of is a little key called Paid At Title (PAT).  It means that you are paid at the current highest title you have achieved.  If you are a Lead Consultant, you qualify to be paid as a Lead Consultant.  If you are a Director, you qualify to be paid as a Director, etc.   Your title stays the same on your consultant website, but your pay varies by the actual Scentsy rank you have qualified for during that month. 

Why should you be Paid at Title?

You should have a permanent goal to always be paid at title every month.  Here are a few reasons:

  • You’ll never miss a Leadership Bonus potential in your paycheck (paid on your team!)
  • You’ll never miss a Scentsy promotion to increase in title 
  • You can earn points for incentives (free trips!) when you are consistently paid at title

What does it take to be Paid At Title (PAT)? 

There are three requirements each month to be PAT in the Scentsy compensation plan.  If you have promoted to a higher rank but don’t have all of the requirements met that month to be paid at that rank, you will be paid at the level you achieve for that month.  There aren’t any penalties for not being paid at title, you just only earn the leadership bonuses based on your current Scentsy rank for that month.  

  1. 500 PRV – personal retail volume (your own sales for that month)
  2. Active FL  – frontline = your personal recruits actively selling at least 200 PRV that month (help them actively work and grow their business; if you don’t have FL, you need to recruit!)
  3. TWV  – team wholesale volume; 75% of combined team PRV (the bigger the team, the easier that is to get there, and the easier it is to reach that each month)

Those three basic requirements stay the same, regardless of the actual title you are trying to reach for your promotion or to be paid at title, just the amount required for #2 (active FL) and #3 (TWV) increase, based on the title.  You can see more about the specific title requirements in the Scentsy Compensation Plan here.  Of course the potential is the same for every person who joins Scentsy and decides to grow their business, but results do vary, as explained in the Scentsy Income Disclosure Statement.  

If you haven’t joined to start your own Scentsy business yet, come on in; you’ll love it!  I will help you be successful and understand all that you need to be paid at title and grow your own business!  

~Becky Sattler,

Scentsy Star Director

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