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August 19, 2014

Reinstate Your Scentsy Account

Rejoin Scentsy For Free

Are you wanting to reinstate your Scentsy account and be a Scentsy consultant again?  Good news!  If you were a Scentsy Consultant and had your account terminated due to inactivity (not having enough orders to keep your account open), you can come back and join us again for free!  

There is no cost to reinstate your terminated Scentsy account, and there are two quick and easy ways to reactivate your consultant account: 

1. send an email to accountservices@scentsy.com and ask to be reinstated with Becky and Dave Sattler, Consultant #5806 as your sponsor.  

2. log on to workstation.scentsy.us with your consultant ID and password, and use our self-serve reinstatement, which is quick and easy.  You can also request us as your new sponsor at that time too.  Just search our state (Idaho) to find us, and type in "Becky and Dave Sattler" so you can be on our team.

Rejoin Scentsy

Rejoin Scentsy

Once you become a Scentsy Consultant, you can't sign up to join again after termination. However, you can come back and reinstate your account for free, which is even better.  If your account has been deactivated for 3 months or longer, you can ask to have your account reinstated and pick up where you left off.  You can even choose a new sponsor if you want, and we would love to have you join us.

Buy Scentsy Starter Kit Again

You can even purchase your Scentsy Reinstatement Starter Kit within the month you reinstate your account, to help relaunch your Scentsy business!  It's a great way to help you relaunch your Scentsy account and get your business rolling again. 

It is a great time to rejoin Scentsy and start your business again.

Scentsy Reinstatement Kit

Scentsy reinstatement kit

How to Choose a New Scentsy Sponsor

If your account has been deactivated (in other words your account was terminated), you can reinstate your Scentsy account AND choose a new sponsor.  Simply email accountservices@scentsy.com and ask for me to be your new sponsor; give them my name and Consultant ID, which is Becky and Dave Sattler #5806.  Come join our great Scentsy team, "The Best Team Ever" we would love to welcome you!

Reinstate As A Scentsy Consultant

I would be happy to be your Scentsy sponsor and mentor to help you have more success your second time around.  I love to help my team members and will work with you to grow your Scentsy business.  I'll help you so you don't have to reinstate as a Scentsy Consultant more than once.  Any questions, feel free to just ask; I'm always here to help!

~Becky Sattler, Scentsy SuperStar Director


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