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February 25, 2016

Scentsy Booking Blitz

BookingBlitzBooking Blitz

Want a great way to boost your own and your team's Scentsy sales?  A Scentsy booking blitz is a great way to kick off a new month, and get your team engaged as well.  It can help to ensure you're paid at your Scentsy title (by having enough personal and team sales), or can even help you reach a new promotion.

So, let's talk about a Scentsy BOOKING BLITZ!!!  It is basically a time limit you set for yourself to intentionally set time aside to book as many Scentsy parties as you can during that time.  You can take a whole day, or focus it down to an intense push, like 30 minutes.  The important thing is to make yourself make those personal phone calls and fill up your calendar.  You can book any type of Scentsy party:  Scentsy basket party, Scentsy home party, online Scentsy party, a Scentsy fundraiser, etc.

Here's how a Scentsy Booking Blitz works:
1.  Decide on your time limit (all day one day, or focused 20-30 minute type blitz event)
2.  Set the number of bookings for your booking blitz goal (very important - then you know what you're aiming for!)
3.  Get out your List of 100
4.  Add to that list all Scentsy customers, hosts, and anyone who loves Scentsy, or would love something in the new catalog!
5.  Contact them one by one (call - no mass text or emails!!)

Don't Be Afraid of "No"

Be brave and ask EVERYONE - don't be afraid of getting a no!  You're offering the chance for them to see and show the new Scentsy products to their friends first and get free Scentsy products.

If they don't want to host a Scentsy party, they just say no, just like the waitress in the restaurant offering coffee.  Nobody is offended or awkward, they just aren't interested. You don't have to talk anyone into it; they either want to or not and you're looking for those who would love to!!  So... ready, set, BOOK those Scentsy parties!!!

Good luck; I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director


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