Holidays 2019 Scentsy Gift Guide 

*Dec. 2019, all items subject to availability. So these will all be around until at least Jan. 31, 2020. If you’re reading this after that date, the product you’ve got your eye on may not be available. That said, we bring new, on-trend products and scents to the market every 6 months so you’re bound to find something you love! Simply follow the link to Shop Scentsy Online 

As we try to do every year, here is our Holiday Gift Guide for 2019! Scentsy has so many diverse products there is something for everyone from the kiddos to the special someone in your life. Today we’ll focus on gifts for Her! Everyone is unique with different tastes and styles but this is our attempt to get the juices flowing with some gift ideas in different price ranges from stocking stuffers to the bigger gifts they’ll freak out about! 😉 So if you see something you like but want to check out the different styles, simply follow the link above to shop our Scentsy store

Enrich Scentsy Diffuser

The first product on our Christmas List for Her is the cool Enrich Scentsy Diffuser. Why? Diffusers are awesome and this is the most functional, easy-to-use, and beautiful diffuser money can buy. Here’s the deets on this diffuser – 

Finished in a crackled glass-like effect, Enchant is a perfect piece for the bold at heart.

Make a statement with striking diffuser designs and all-natural fragrance delivered instantly in a swirl of color and light.

– When on, our diffusers immediately fill your space with stunning, artisanal scent.

– Set the mood with 16 dazzling colorful LED lighting effects.

– Interchangeable diffuser shades, so you can swap them out whenever you please.

– Limited lifetime warranty.

This diffuser not your style? nbd, follow this link to view our other Scentsy Diffusers

Crystal Ice Scentsy Warmer

Now isn’t that just an awesome Scentsy Warmer? The cool, Crystal Ice Scentsy Warmer is an organic shape and prismatic, crystalline finish make for a bold statement piece like no other. This warmer looks just awesome when lit. 

Wattage: 40W    Finish: Glow   Dimensions: 7″

Partner this with your favorite Scentsy scent and you’re set for a fantastic day! Want to browse all our Scentsy Warmers simply follow this link to Buy Scentsy Warmers

Country Canister Scentsy Warmer

With this fun trendy, country-living style Scentsy warmer you can write whatever you feel on the chalkboard on front! This enamelware-inspired piece includes a canvas for a custom message, along with one piece of chalk and a handy holder to store it on the back. How cool is that?! This is a great mid-priced Scentsy warmer that she’ll love.

Wattage: Element

Finish: Reactive Glaze

Dimensions: 6.5″

Partner this with your favorite Scentsy scent and you’re set for a fantastic day! Want to browse all our Scentsy Warmers simply follow this link to Buy Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Fragrance Flower

Wowzers. The new elegant new Scentsy Fragrance Flower is awesome. A classic, understated design and subtle, full approach to bringing scent to your space. The Scentsy Fragrance Flower releases beautiful scent while looking lovely in any space. Just set it out and enjoy — no plug, no problem.

There are four scents to choose from for the Fragrance Flower –

Aloe Water & Cucumber

Amazon Rain


Sea Salt & Avocado

Which would I recommend? Uh, well, these are ALL AWESOME! They didn’t mess around when they selected the fragrances to launch this fun new product – they are all winners! Ok, I guess if you’re going to twist my arm and tell me I had to pick one I’d probably go with Sea Salt & Avocado…or Amazon Rain. Yep, one of those two but honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of the 4 fragrances they offer for this product! 

Check ’em all out here by following the link to Scentsy Fragrance Flower


Crazy Hot Mess Scentsy Mini Warmer

These Scentsy mini-warmers are just the bomb-diggity. For only $20 these are perfect fun stocking stuffers for adding fragrance to the small spaces in your home and this one has a fun little message because sometimes we are all a little crazy. And let’s face it, the woman in this world go through a lot and put up with a lot and deserve all to feel comfortable living their best life and simply embrace the crazy hot mess that is all our lives at times. So, yeah, celebrate it with this charismatic warmer, perfect for energizing smaller spaces! This mini-warmer uses a 15W bulb, and is 3.5″ tall. 

Blue Grotto Scentsy Soak

For real though, if you haven’t tried the Scentsy Soak products you’re missing out. For $12 you get 2 pounds of scented relaxation awesomeness. Grab a scoop or two (we all have those two-scoop days! 🙂 of this heaven in a pouch and pour it blissfully into your tub for a well-deserved soak that will shed the layers of daily drudgery. Seriously, you’ll feel amazing and smell amazing. Of the 8 available fragrances why Blue Grotto you ask? Well, good question, no joke, all the fragrances rock but Blue Grotto is a classic, you just can’t go wrong with Blue Grotto. If your special someone tends to be slightly selective with what fragrances they allow themselves to soak in, Blue Grotto is likely on that list – it smells amazing. So there you go, the fantastic Scentsy Soak rounds out our Christmas Gift recommendations for Her. If you’d like to check out the other Scentsy Soak scents follow the link her to Shop Scentsy Soak