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August 2, 2013

Scentsy Poland

Scentsy in PolandScentsy Poland

Scentsy Europe is growing and expanding to more countries and just opened in POLAND too.  On, September 1, 2013 Scentsy Poland officially opened and Poland residents can now sign up to be a Scentsy Consultant in Poland!

New Consultants are joining in Germany, the UK, Ireland, and sales in Europe are really picking up.  Scentsy will also open up in other countries in Europe, specifically France, Spain and Austria August 2014.  All of this will be happening very quickly and it's just right around the corner.  What an exciting time to be a Scentsy rep anywhere in the world!

Scentsy Poland Distribution Center

While Scentsy Poland officially opened in September, Poland has already been playing a major role in Scentsy Europe.  Scentsy Europe Corporate headquarters, as well as the Scentsy distribution center for all of Europe was in Warsaw, Poland. All Scentsy Starter Kits, as well as all Scentsy products and business materials were shipped from Poland to the rest of Europe currently open to Scentsy.  The Europe Home Office just recently relocated to The Netherlands.Scentsy Poland

At one point, my husband's business was going to move us to Poland for a few years and I was so excited.  I researched a lot about Poland and life in Warsaw, and still hope to be able to visit some day.  So excited that Scentsy Poland is actually opening up and people can soon sign up to sell Scentsy in Poland!  It's exciting to know that Poland already plays such a big part in the formation of Scentsy Europe and will be a great addition.

Of course, if you live in Poland with the US military and have an APO/FPO address, you can also buy Scentsy and can even sign up to sell Scentsy right now in Poland.

Join Scentsy in Poland

Contact me so I can get you started and all ready to hit the ground running as Scentsy Poland is just beginning!  You can be the first Poland Consultant ever!!  You can join Scentsy in Poland online today and be one of the founding consultants in Poland!

~Becky Sattler,
Independent Scentsy Star Director
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