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July 25, 2011

Scentsy Warmers Sizes

Scentsy Warmers Sizes

Since Scentsy begun, it has introduced multiple sizes of Warmers that fit into different rooms in your home as well as different sizes of homes. The Nightlight Warmers (the warmers that plug directly into the wall) are a favorite size for bathrooms in the US and Canada while the new Element Warmers were an instant hit for bedrooms where you want the benefit of a Scentsy Warmer but also don't want the light from an original Scentsy Warmer. The original style of Scentsy Warmers are so decorative and very on-trend that they fit anywhere in your home and are a great way to not only fragrance your home but to also dress it up.

These attractive warmers can fit into any room and add that little something you are looking for or simply add a great fragrance to the room.   A free lightbulb is included with every warmer and offers an alternative to an open flame by simply creating a pool of wax that is lukewarm to the touch as opposed to hot wax from traditional candles that can burn skin. Scentsy Warmer sizes are also dependent on the design. Scentsy has introduced the very cool collection of licensed Collegiate Scentsy Warmers that look exactly like a football helmet for your favorite college or University! A portion of the proceeds of the sale of each warmer goes to the college or university and these Scentsy Warmers use an element style heat source to melt the wax rather than a lightbulb. Element style heat sources are simply a heat plate that warms the wax in the dish and is just as effective as the light bulb based warmers.

Not only does Scentsy sell warmers to fragrance your home, but we have introduced amazingly beautiful and very functional diffusers with high quality essential and natural oils! These diffusers are an amazing value with over 15 features including an auto-shutoff, Scentsy Diffusers are a great way to fragrance your home! To shop all of our current Scentsy Diffusers follow the link - Shop Scentsy Diffusers

To shop all of our current Scentsy Warmers simply follow the link - Shop Scentsy Warmers

To shop all of our current Scentsy Nightlight Warmers follow the link - Shop Scentsy Nightlight Warmers


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