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February 17, 2013

Sincerely Scent FAQ | Greeting Cards by Scentsy

Sincerely Scent FAQ

Creating and Ordering Sincerely Scent Greeting Cards by Scentsy

Sincerely Scent Greeting Cards by Scentsy

  • How do I create a Sincerely Scent card?  It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Select your card design.
2. Select your inside layout.
3. Choose your fragrance.
4. Personalize your message with text and/or photos.
5. Add a signature if you wish.
6. Enter or select your recipients’ mailing addresses.
7. Check out.

  • Do I need to use only high-quality images?

You’ll get the best quality card by uploading the largest images. We recommend you pick a clear, high-resolution image, at least 150 dpi (dots per inch), but preferably 300 dpi or more, that has not been pulled from the Internet. We don’t proof images before printing, so please make sure you preview your image carefully.

  • Are there color and font options?

Yes. Sincerely Scent provides a palette of ink colors and fonts to personalize your card.

  • Will I have help creating my card?

Sincerely Scent makes designing your personalized card easy! Just choose a card and you will be guided through the personalization process, step-by-step. Plus, you can use the preview feature to sample various color, font, and photo options until you’re satisfied with your card.

  • Can I create a card in another language?

Yes, Sincerely Scent offers cards in English and Spanish.

  • How is my card printed?

Sincerely Scent cards are printed on an HP Indigo 7000 digital press, the most sophisticated digital printing press available.

  • What kind of paper is my card printed on?

We print your card on beautiful, 110-pound white card stock.

  • What size is the card and envelope?

Our cards are 4.96" x 6.875", and they mail in 5.5" x 7.4375" white scent-barrier envelopes to ensure fragrance longevity.

  • Can I order just one card?

Absolutely! There is no minimum order when sending cards. Once you’ve ordered a credit bundle though a Consultant, you can choose to send them all at once or one at a time.

  • Am I responsible for the accuracy of my card?

Yes. Carefully review your card before submitting your order. Sincerely Scent is not responsible for spelling, punctuation, layout, or address errors.

  • How long does it take to process my order?

We will deliver your personalized cards to the U.S. Postal Service within two business days (Monday-Friday). If you order on a weekend, holiday, or your order processing time crosses a weekend, allow for extra delivery time.

  • What if I am unhappy with the delivered card?

While we cannot provide refunds for cards that contain spelling and punctuation errors or custom design flaws, we may offer credit(s) toward a future order if there is an issue with the card quality.

  • What is the purpose of the QR Code on the back of the cards?

The back of each card features a unique QR (quick response) code. Most smartphones with Internet access, a camera, and a QR code reader application can scan this code, which will link you to a Scentsy Fragrance Independent Consultant website to learn more.

  • How do I scan the QR code on the back of the cards?

To scan the QR code, you need a smartphone with a QR code reader application, most of which are free.

  • What if I have questions?

You can reach Consultant Support at 1-877-855-0617, enter a Workstation ticket or email SincerelyScentSupport@scentsy.com. Please have the following information ready when you call or include it in your email:
 The user name associated with your Sincerely Scent account
 Your card title or order number
 The postal address where you are sending your card
 Your email address
 Your phone number
 Your Consultant ID
 A detailed description of your issue

Sincerely Scent Registration and My Account

  • Do I need to register to order cards?

Yes. A Sincerely Scent account is required to order and mail cards. Once you register you will have access to:
 Saved profile: Store your return mailing address and more.
 Contact Manager: Save your contacts' addresses and important dates so you always have them on hand.
 Group Mailing Lists: Create lists for as many personal and business mailings as you need!
 Order History: We store all past orders to help you track which cards you've purchased and make re-ordering custom cards easy.

  • Is my personal information safe?

Yes. Our website is secure and we value our customers’ privacy. We do not sell or rent your personal information, and addresses stored in your Contact Manager are only available to you.

  • Can I import my contacts from another application?

Yes. You can import contacts from other applications, such as Outlook, Gmail, or Excel, and save them to your Contact Manager. Sincerely Scent supports the following file formats: *.csv, *.xls, *.dbf, *.sql, *.xml, or *.xlsx. Most email programs will allow you to export your contacts in a *.csv or *.xls format.Pricing and Ordering

  • How much do Sincerely Scent cards cost?

Sincerely Scent uses a pre-paid credit bundle system; one mailed card equals one credit. The costs of various bundles are detailed in the pricing chart below. All pricing includes personalization, full-color printing, envelopes, and postage and handling. Sales tax is not included in these prices.

Sincerely Scent Card Pricing

Credit Bundle        U.S.A. (USD)      Canada (CAD)       PRV
10 credits               $28.50                  $38.00                      24
25 credits               $71.00                  $95.00                      60
100 credits            $285.00               $380.00                   240

  • How do I purchase credits?

To purchase credits, please contact your Scentsy Fragrance Independent Consultant by phone, email, or by attending a Scentsy Fragrance party.

  • Will I receive any notifications about my order?

Yes. We'll send you an email confirmation when your order is received. You will receive a second email when your order ships from our facility.

  • Is there an extra charge to personalize my Sincerely Scent card?

No. Personalization of your card—including adding a personal message and uploading your own photos or digital signature—is included in the cost.

  • Do Sincerely Scent credit bundles expire?

Yes. Sincerely Scent credit bundles expire 365 days after purchase. You may use your credits at any time throughout the year. You will receive an email alert both 30 days and 7 days prior to credit expiration at the email address associated with your Sincerely Scent account.

Privacy and Security

  • What is the relationship between Sincerely Scent and Scentsy Fragrance?

Sincerely Scent is an extension of Scentsy Fragrance, a Scentsy Family brand.Will Scentsy share my personal information with any third parties? Scentsy does not sell or lease “Personally Identifiable Information” (“PII”) about you to others, but Scentsy collects and shares PII about you with third parties to establish or maintain our relationship with you. These third parties may use it to respond to your inquiries, provide services you have requested, keep you informed of services we think may interest you, personalize your experience with us, and for other reasons. Without PII, Scentsy may be unable to provide you with your requested services. Scentsy requires third parties who perform services for us to agree to treat PII about you confidentially and securely.

  • Are my card contents monitored?

We do not actively review the contents of your Sincerely Scent cards. How you personalize your card is exactly how it is printed. Therefore, it is important to carefully proof your card prior to submitting your order. Scentsy assumes no responsibility for the message(s) or image(s) displayed in your card.

Sincerely Scent Greeting Card Delivery and Shipping

  • To what countries can I send my Sincerely Scent cards?

We mail to addresses in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, and to APO/FPO boxes.

  • Am I responsible for postage?

No. Postage is included in the cost of the cards. You can mail to any recipient in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, or to an APO/FPO box using a single credit.

  • How do I address my Sincerely Scent cards?

Once you’re finished personalizing your card, you will have the opportunity to enter your recipients’ mailing addresses. Addresses may also be added to the Contact Manager and then imported to your cards. Please remember to always preview your mailing addresses carefully, as we print exactly what you enter. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your recipients’ mailing addresses.

  • How are my Sincerely Scent cards mailed?

All cards are dispatched from our production facility in Texas within two business days of your order. Cards are not processed on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Cards scheduled to mail in the future are processed within two business days of the scheduled date.  These cards are delivered into the U.S. Postal Service system on the evening of dispatch. We use First-Class Mail to addresses in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Guam, and to APO/FPO boxes, and use First-Class International Mail to addresses in Canada. Once the cards have been dispatched, we are unable to control the delivery process. Cards sent by First-Class Mail can take two to five business days to arrive, and cards sent by First-Class International Mail to Canada can take up to two weeks to arrive. Please schedule your cards to allow for sufficient delivery time.

  • Can I schedule mailings for a future date?

Yes. You can order and schedule your cards to mail up to 364 days in advance.

  • Will my recipients’ addresses be automatically added to my Contact Manager?

Yes. Your recipients’ names and addresses will be automatically saved to your Contact Manager for your future use. We provide this feature for your convenience; Sincerely Scent does not use this information for any other purpose.

  • How are the envelopes addressed?

We print addresses directly onto the envelopes.

  • Will the Sincerely Scent website give the customer the ability to add a Scentsy product gift certificate to their card?

Not at this time.

  • Will there be an option for Consultants to receive the cards first, unsealed, to allow the opportunity to write a personal message or enclose a gift?

Not at this time. However, you can create a personal message, scan it, and upload the message as a photo.

  • What type of postage does Sincerely Scent use?

We use first-class United States Postal Service stamps.

Sincerely Scent Spot

  • Must I select a Scent Spot with my card order?

Yes. Each Sincerely Scent card requires a Scent Spot selection.

  • How long will the Scent Spot last?

Much like a Scentsy Fragrance Bar, the intensity of the Scent Spot’s fragrance will vary according to conditions such as humidity and temperature. The fragrance will also be influenced by how long it is stored in your Sincerely Scent card. Each card contains ink that can compete with your Scent Spot’s fragrance over time. For best results, experience your Scent Spot as soon as you receive your card.

  • Can I safely touch and smell the Scent Spot?

Yes. The Scent Spot is safe to touch and smell. However, despite rigorous testing, some individuals may be sensitive to Scent Spot ingredients. Please keep in mind the Scent Spot contains fragrance oils, so wash your hands after handling it to prevent transferring these oils to other surfaces. Also, do not place your Scent Spot directly on any finished surfaces, as damage to these surfaces may occur.

  • Will my cards be impacted by heat or cold during delivery?

Our cards are designed to handle normal mail delivery—in both summer and winter temperature conditions—and general card use.

  • What is the best way to store my cards?

To best preserve your cards, store them in their original scent barrier envelopes, with the Scent Spot placed inside the cards.

  • Can I warm the Scent Spot?

No. The Scent Spot is not intended to be warmed or heated in any way. Do not place a Scent Spot in the microwave, oven, dryer, Scentsy Warmer, or any other area where the product may come into contact with heat.

Scentsy Consultant Business Rules

  • Can Layers and Sincerely Scent be sold in the same booth at an event with other Scentsy Fragrance products?

Sincerely Scent and Layers are extensions of Scentsy Fragrance and may be displayed and sold at an event booth together. Velata and Grace Adele are new Scentsy Family brands and cannot
be co-marketed with any Scentsy Fragrance products.


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