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January 20, 2012

Scentsy Sincerely Scent Greeting Cards

Sincerely Scent Online Card Store

New Scentsy Product Line:  Sincerely Scent Scented Greeting Cards

More exciting new Scentsy products to announce!!  On September 1, 2012 Scentsy will launch a new product line to the existing Scentsy Fragrance products:

Sincerely Scent, an online Scentsy greeting card store featuring over 150 original, customizable, SCENTED greeting cards. Order cards online, personalize them how you like, and Scentsy will mail them for you.

Personalized Scented Cards

The Sincerely Scent cards can be personalized with your own customized message, your favorite photo, a digital signature, AND a scent sample from the Scentsy Favorites collection. Each Sincerely Scent card will be mailed with a Scentsy fragrance sample, making the whole card smell like their favorite Scentsy scent.  No more trips to the card store or the post office.

Sincerely Scent Greeting Cards by ScentsyGreeting Cards for Every Occasion

"It's A Girl", "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations", "Sorry For Your Loss", "Happy Anniversary", "Wedding Announcement" "Merry Christmas", "Happy Valentines' Day". Any time you need to send a card, you can send a SCENTED card with Scentsy's new product line Sincerely Scent Cards.

Think of all of the possibilities to send out Sincerely Scent cards and how easy it is to do it all online. There are cards for every occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays. Sincerely Scent cards would work great as business-building cards to your team or for advertising with your business logo.

You can even upload your contacts and schedule your Sincerely Scent cards up to 365 days in advance; no scrambling for last minute Christmas cards and no more forgotten birthdays. Christmas and birthday cards made easy and personlized!

Sincerely Scent Cards are purchased online with credits, which are available in groups of 10, 25, or 100 and can be redeemed when you choose. Each card costs $2.85 (USD) / $3.82 (CAD), which includes postage and delivery.

Easy Fundraiser with Sincerely Scent Cards

Need a fundraiser?  Something different? Something NEVER been sold before? Contact me... nothing to deliver, nothing to sort...

It is Sincerely Scent...the ONLY fragranced greeting cards on the market! All you do is sell "bundles" of credits (1 credit = 1 card). The customer goes online, redeems credits when they are ready to send a card, then chooses which type of card, design, customizes with a picture, signature, personal message, and SCENT!  Sincerely Scent cards can even be scheduled to be sent up to 364 days in advance... postage included!

The PERFECT, EASY FUNDRAISER for any group, class or team!!

Sell New Scentsy Products

Come join me and sell the fun new Scentsy products along with the much-anticipated Sincerely Scent cards!  What an exciting time to be a Scentsy Consultant.  Come join me!

 ~Becky Sattler,
Independent Scentsy Star Director
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Sincerely Scent FAQ:  How to Create and Order Sincerely Scent Cards

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