How to Launch a Scentsy Business in New Zealand

Join Scentsy New ZealandOne of the biggest keys and tips to launching a successful Scentsy business in a new country, like New Zealand, is to build your Scentsy New Zealand team early!  You can definitely do many things that will give you a head start while you are waiting for the country to officially launch.  Scentsy New Zealand officially opens on March 10, 2015, but there are so many things you can do to help you get ready, and have a team all ready to join with you on that day.

Build your Scentsy team now

Get a whole team lined up to sign up on the first day, right after you do, and encourage them to do the same. If you find 5 people, and they all find 5 people to sign up under them, you would have a team of 30 ready to start right away!!!

Spread the Scentsy love

Spread the word by telling everyone – tell people in person, post on Facebook, tell people at work, tell your neighbors, call old friends and schoolmates, everyone!! (You get to hand pick your team!)  

Don’t make the mistake of feeling like you have to “catch up” with friends and contacts before you can tell them about Scentsy coming to New Zealand; just share your news and excitement now!

Use Social Media to Build Your Scentsy Business in New Zealand

Create a Facebook business page with your name and “New Zealand Independent Scentsy Consultant” in the title so if anyone searches for New Zealand Scentsy your page will come up with your info.  Find an Aussie team member’s PWS (personalized website) and copy product pictures to post on your page, to gain excitement and expose your contacts to our incredible products.  That way, they will be ready with their list to go online and buy as soon as you’re official on March 10!

Schedule Facebook opportunity events and invite anyone in New Zealand or Australia, or even just anyone who has contacts in NZ.  The key is to build a lot of excitement and anticipation, as well as give information.

Make YouTube videos about Scentsy, and its coming to New Zealand.  List your website in the description so they can find you and buy or sign up. They do not have to look professional, just be yourself so people can see who you are and choose you as their sponsor because they like the real you!!

Contact Local Businesses

Contact businesses to put a display to take orders or advertise the business opportunity.  You can’t sell in a retail location, but you can put up a display and take orders, or at least leave catalogues and business cards.

Schedule Opportunity Meetings

Schedule and advertise opportunity meetings in your area, and as far around New Zealand as you can; use your contacts to help you spread the word in their area.  These can be informal gatherings in a church or community center, etc.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, like I said, just a chance to get people together so they can experience what Scentsy is, and FEEL a bit of what it would be like to be a part of the Scentsy Family and why they should join Scentsy in New Zealand!

Find Scentsy Booths or Stalls

If you are interested in securing a booth or stall at events, reach out to those events right now and let them know Scentsy is coming, and you would love to reserve a booth.  You can’t officially reserve a booth until Scentsy launches, but it’s definitely a good idea to get in contact with the organizers to make that connection, and get on the radar before others beat you to the good ones.  😉

Sign up and Start Your Own Scentsy Business in New Zealand

Good luck with your Scentsy business launch into New Zealand!  I have gotten such great feedback from our future New Zealand team members; there is so much excitement and anticipation for them to launch their official Scentsy businesses!  We would love for you to join us too.  Use these tips and my personal mentoring to help you launch and start a successful Scentsy business in New Zealand.

Join and Sell Scentsy in New Zealand


~ Becky Sattler,

Scentsy Star Director


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