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January 19, 2015

Scentsy New Zealand Launch

Scentsy New Zealand Launch InfoNew Zealand Scentsy

Scentsy opened Scentsy New Zealand, adding to add to our Region 3 Australia Scentsy businesses.  Scentsy New Zealand is part of Region 3, joining the Scentsy Australia region as of March 10, 2015.Join Scentsy

Contact me today for more information on becoming a Scentsy New Zealand Consultant, or sign up today so you can be start your Scentsy business in New Zealand!

New Zealand Online Opportunity Meeting

** I am holding a fast, fun, no pressure facebook online event on Thursday, January 22 at 9 pm (New Zealand time) to help answer any questions you have and let you get to know Scentsy as a company and our team a bit better.  PLEASE feel free to join in, and let me know you're there as my guest so I can help answer your questions!!  Here is the event info -  https://www.facebook.com/events/409077132584817/Scentsy New Zealand Facebook meeting

International Scentsy Recruiting

Scentsy is set up to allow all Consultants to recruit and sell within their own Region.  We are allowed to recruit in outside Scentsy Regions, but not sell.

Region 1:  USA, Canada, Mexico

Region 2:  UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Austria

Region 3:  Australia and New Zealand

In order for current Scentsy Consultants to be able to recruit in New Zealand, a consultant must sign the Cross Border Agreement in their workstation, starting March 10, 2015.  No sales for Scentsy in New Zealand will happen until March 10 as well.

The  international peg rate for New Zealand is 1.6.

Scentsy Australia Consultant Support will provide support for Scentsy New Zealand Consultants as well.

New Zealand Scentsy Catalogue

Australia and New Zealand will have the same Scentsy catalogue, starting in March and will contain both AU and NZ Prices. The following will NOT be available for New Zealand in the Scentsy catalogue: Cause product, as well as Scentsy Shower Gel and Room Spray.  All other Scentsy New Zealand products will be the same as Australia.

New Zealand Scentsy Shipping

Free shipping will NOT be available for New Zealand, but there will be an expanded host rewards structure with more rewards than for Australia. Scentsy will publish a New Zealand shipping guide soon with more detailed information.

Scentsy Recruiting in New Zealand

Scentsy will hold training calls soon regarding international expansion for your Scentsy Business.  I am also planning special training sessions with my Australia Scentsy Team, as well as my own international Scentsy team to help everyone know how to recruit in New Zealand as well.  Join my Scentsy team so I can help personally mentor you to success with your New Zealand Scentsy business!

Scentsy Consultants can advertise on social media regarding looking for recruits in New Zealand and Scentsy launching in New Zealand, but according to our Scentsy Standards, we may not try to 'buy' people in with free gifts ect. Personal specials regarding sales may not be advertised publicly.

Join Scentsy In New Zealand

The cost to join and get the amazing Scentsy New Zealand Starter Kit is $169 NZD plus shipping.  I am super excited for Scentsy's launch in New Zealand, and am excited for the chance to grow my team and help them have success as the first Scentsy Consultants in New Zealand!

Come join my Scentsy New Zealand team today!

~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director


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