Scentsy Double Starter Kit

Best time to Become a Scentsy Rep

If you are thinking about joining to start your own Scensty business, now is the best time.  You will get the best value in your Scentsy Starter Kit ever!  

Double Scentsy Starter Kit

With February being the month you get the enhanced bonus Double Starter Scentsy Kit, it really is the best time to join and sell Scentsy to become a Scentsy rep!  

What is the Bonus, Enhanced, Double Scentsy Starter Kit?

The "double" starter kit just means that you get double the number of catalogs and both season's scent testers, since February is the "transition" month between the new Spring/Summer catalog in March and the discontinuing Fall/Winter catalog.  The bonus starter kit is the same price as always, but you get the enhanced kit to get you started in full swing into the new season!

Let's get you started selling Scentsy

If you join and sell Scentsy now and become a Scentsy Rep on my team, I can help you get started so you can be ready to benefit from the crazy sales and know how to really grow your Scentsy team and move up the ranks.  You'll be amazed at how quickly you can move up and how big your paychecks can be.  It's always a great time to start a Scentsy home based candle business, but here are a few reasons to join now in February:

1.  Bonus Double Starter Kit month (for the same price!)

2.  Scentsy's semi-annual 10% off sale; everyone loves to buy during a sale

3.  Discontinued list comes out and people want to stock up on their faves before they're gone

4.  It's a great time to book parties and get togethers to get out of the house from winter

5.  Excitement for the new catalog that launches in March is high; February is always a great month for sales and recruiting!

6.  Spring season brings fresh, yummy fragrances to welcome in the spring and summer.  Everyone loves to make their home smell fresh and inviting during the spring!

7.  You'll LOVE being a part of our team and won't want to wait any longer!

8. It's a new year! Time to start your new business!


Scentsy is not only a great product, but is even more a wonderful company with which I am so proud to be affiliated.  Scentsy is based on three core values that make it easy for you to be successful:


Scentsy is simple to sell, easy to use, and very straightforward — even to our newest Consultants and customers.


When you join Scentsy, you’re encouraged to run your business, your way. Everyone has a different style, and can bring their unique qualities to the table.


We believe in contributing more than we take in relationships with our community, our customers, and our Consultants.

Become a Scentsy RepJoin our Scentsy Team

We have a wonderful Scentsy team with Consultants all over the US, Canada, Germany, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and would sure love to have you join us.  Sign up to sell Scentsy today and you can be the newest Scentsy Rep on our team and be lucky enough to get the bonus double Scentsy Starter Kit!  There's always room for more and you'll be in for the ride of your lifetime! To learn more about tips for kickstarting your new Scentsy business follow this link - How to Get Started Selling Scentsy

Still hesitating? Well, that's understandable. Starting your own business can be intimidating. It kind of reminds of jumping off the high diving board at my local pool when I was growing up. It looks SUPER, CRAZY scary. Especially as you're climbing up the stairs to the top. It feels freakishly high. And then you get to the top and, if you're like me, you don't really dive off it, you just kind of step over the edge and let yourself fall straight in. (I save my flips and twirls for the Olympics 🙂 And then after that, you're like, let's do that again! And with Scentsy it is very, very easy to pay off your startup costs in one month which means anything after that is icing on the cake! Sell just $500 PRV in your first month and you've more than covered your startup costs.

Think you've got what it takes? Become a Scentsy Consultant!

Hope you join today!  I look forward to being your Scentsy Sponsor and working with you!  Sign up and get your Scentsy Bonus Double Starter Kit today!

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Discounted Scentsy Starter Kit

Scentsy $49 Starter Kit

Join Scentsy for half price in February!  Scentsy introduced a second Starter Kit option for launching your Scentsy business! During February 2019 only, you have two Scentsy Starter Kit options to choose from when you launch your Scentsy business and become a Scentsy Consultant!

  1. Full Scentsy Starter Kit $99 USD.  Actually, in February, you get the Double Starter Kit for joining!  This Starter Kit gives you everything you need to start your new Scentsy business this month, and sets you up for the new catalog debuting in March with catalogs and scent testers.
  2. Discounted (half-price) Escentials Scentsy Starter Kit $49 USD. This kit gets you started on your Scentsy business quickly and with less investment while still getting some of the core tools necessary to kickstart your Scentsy business and become a Scentsy Consultant. If you're ready to start your own business and Join Scentsy, simply follow this link on my Scentsy website to Become a Scentsy Consultant.

Scentsy $49 Starter Kit

Scentsy $49 Starter Kit

Contents of the $49 Half Price Starter Kit:

The $49 Scentsy Starter Kit is only available between February 1-28, 2019, or while supplies last. Please note that the contents of your Starter Kit may vary and the price doesn't include local tax and shipping. The other Scentsy Starter Kit option available during February is the awesome $99 Bonus Starter Kit that is loaded with great business supplies and Scentsy products to help you launch your new business. 

Scentsy $99 Starter Kit Contents

Scentsy $99 Starter Kit Contents

Contents of the $99 Bonus Double Starter Kit:

Contents of your Starter Kit may vary slightly depending on the availability of the products in the kit and the $99 price doesn't include tax and shipping. So, during February 2019, you get to pick whichever of these kits you feel is the best fit for you when you launch your Scentsy business! Both options of Scentsy Starter Kits also receive 3 free months of your own Scentsy Website! To launch your Scentsy business and become a Scentsy Consultant today simply follow the link below! Ever wonder if you think you'd be an awesome Scentsy Consultant? Check out this blog post where I talk about some of the things that help make for an awesome Scentsy Consultant and answer the question - Could I be an awesome Scentsy Consultant?

Join Scentsy - Become a Scentsy Consultant






Once you've joined Scentsy or to learn more about how to get your Scentsy business off to an amazing start and earn some of the amazing incentives only available to new Scentsy Consultants, follow this link to get Tips for Starting Your Scentsy Business.

Scentsy "Essentials" Starter Kit


*February 2019 is the only month to join for the half-price Escentials Kit, or the full price Double Starter Kit special so don't miss out!  

If you have thought about joining Scentsy, but didn't want to commit to the regular price of $99 Scentsy Starter Kit, you're in luck!  During the month of February 2019 ONLY, you can sign up to sell Scentsy and get the smaller "Essentials" Scentsy Starter Kit for only $49!!

Sell Scentsy

 Scentsy Join Promo Special

Scentsy is not only launching the brand new Scentsy Spring Summer 2019 Catalog in March, but it’s also one of the BEST times to join Scentsy!  Scentsy is offering a special Escential Scentsy Starter Kit in the U.S. and Canada and Mexico for the entire month of February 2019. The limited-time Scentsy Starter Kit includes just the essentials to get a new Scentsy Consultant started for just $49 (USD)/$59 (CAD)/$1059(MXD):

1 Scentsy Warmer
1 Scentsy Bar
1 Pack of Order Forms
1 Pack of Print Your Own Labels
1 Set of Spring/Summer Mini Testers (all 80 fragrances)
1 Pack of Party Invitations
1 Consultant Guide
1 Quick-Start Guide
1 Pack of Scentsy Catalogs
1 Pack of Product Lists
1 Pack of Category Cards
1 Pack of Showcase Brochures

Join Scentsy

Of course, the full Scentsy Starter Kit for $99 (USD)/$119 (CAD) is also available during March. This Starter Kit contains everything in the Escential Starter Kit, plus additional demonstration products. You get the option to choose which Starter Kit you prefer during the enrollment process.  So, sign up and join Scentsy today!