Scentsy Scents New Spring Summer

New Spring Summer Scentsy Catalog Fragrances

Good news! The new catalogs are coming out and I know you are as excited as I am. Scentsy spends a lot of time and effort trying to come up with new fragrances that all of us will really like.

Spring & Summer Scentsy Scent Collection 2013

Check out all of these new Scentsy fragrances. There are some great ones and I can't wait to hear how you like them!

View more exciting new Scentsy products in the new Spring Summer 2013 Scentsy Catalog!

Simply Cinnamon Scentsy Bar Simply Lime Scentsy Bar Simply Rose Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Bar

Simply Strawberry Scentsy Bar Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar A Wink and A Smile Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
The flirty, girly, fresh scent
of tulips and daffodils
in full bloom, rounded out
with plummy lemonade.

Jet, Set, Go! Scentsy Bar Lime & Kiwi Cantaloupe Scentsy Bar Pink Cutie Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
Jet off to a tropical paradise
of Brazilian orange, jungle papaya,
and island vanilla.
Scentsy Bar
A refreshing sip of a summer
cooler, with icy lime, juicy kiwi,
and bright cantaloupe.
Scentsy Bar

A kaleidoscope of fresh citrus–sweet
clementines, puckery pomelo,
and sunny mandarin–kissed
by a touch of musk.
Serene Green Scentsy Bar Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar

Deep green lime leaves,
crisp verbena, and tart citrus
zest in a bright,
happy fragrance.
Scentsy Bar
Pure white, wild gardenia
–a sumptuously luzurious
floral with a sheen of coconut.
Scentsy Bar

Escape to a secluded retreat
of dew-kissed lily
and tart-sweet kiwi, shaded
by lush coconut palm.
Perk Me Up Scentsy Bar Coffee Cherry Limeade Scentsy Bar Honey, Do! Scentsy Wax Bar
Scentsy Bar

Simply the most perfect
cup of coffee you’ll ever experience.
A strong brew of Guatemalan
coffee beans and just a touch of hazelnut.
Scentsy Bar
Zesty key lime, sweet cherry,
and juicy berry: a delicious scent
reminiscent of a soda fountain drink.
Scentsy Bar

Lush, ripe honeydew melon
and cantaloupe, and a hint
of garden mint.
Jumpin' Jelly Bean Scentsy Bar Lemons & Berries Scentsy Bar Lilacs and Violets Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar

Crisp pear and apple,
zesty lemon, and sugar
evoke sweet childhood memories.
Scentsy Bar
As refreshing as a frosty-sweet
glass of lemonade
on a hot day: Juicy strawberries
and red currants cut
with a blast of zesty citrus.
Scentsy Bar

Perfect combination
of lilacs and violets – the smell of spring!
Lonicera Scentsy Bar Lush Gardenia Scentsy Bar Red Candy Apple Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
Taste the sweet nectar
from a honeysuckle trumpet
as warm amber and patchouli
hover above a spring garden.
Scentsy Bar
The creamy, full scent of
classic gardenia, with a whisper
of tuberose.
Scentsy Bar
Bursting with tart Macintosh apples,
red raspberry jam, sweet red berries
and strawberry milk, with notes of brown
sugar, taffy and cotton candy.
Sugar Scentsy Bar Tingelo Scentsy Bar Two Harbors Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
Fruity blend of lemon drops
and cotton candy. 
Scentsy Bar
A mélange of sweet fruit
and tangy citrus: tangelo,
lemon, and apricot, enhanced
by fragrant lychee berry..
Scentsy Bar
Escape to distant shores
with tart Meyer lemon and
refreshing lime, warmed
by sweet vanilla and golden amber rays.
Yuzu Dragon Scentsy Bar
Scentsy Bar
A burst of fruit that simply sparkles:
fresh guava and honeyed nectarine
spiked with exotic dragonfruit and yuzu.
and infused with ocean air.


Browse my Scentsy online store for all Scentsy fragrances currently available in the complete Spring Summer 2013 catalog.

Scentsy ScenTrend

ScenTrend 2013: Violet Leaf

Violet Leaf Scentsy Bar ScenTrend 2013
Violet Leaf ScenTrend 2013

Did you love experimenting with Pink Pepper, ScenTrend fragrance of 2012?  ScenTrend fragrances are meant to be added to existing Scentsy fragrances to change the scent and give it a slightly different twist.  The ScenTrend for 2013 is Violet Leaf.

In this fast-paced world, we often yearn for simple moments that offer a sense of tranquility. Violet Leaf’s pure, natural fragrance is gentle on the senses, a subtle reminder to unplug from our increasingly digital world.  Unwind.  Calm.  Simplify.

If you’re already familiar with Scentsy, you know that scent can bring back memories, enhance your mood, and enliven your world. You will love to experiment with Violet Leaf— its organic, green note allows for endless fragrance variations.

How Do I use Scentsy ScenTrend?

Add a cube or two to an existing Scentsy fragrance and discover how Violet Leaf changes it. Is it fresher? More green? More soothing?

ScenTrend Violet Leaf is natural to pair with certain Scentsy fragrances, but you can try it with any fragrance.  Add a cube of Violet Leaf to an existing Scentsy fragrance to create you own unique fragrance.  Here are a few suggestions for mixing with Violet Leaf:

  1.  Posy Peach Scentsy Bar
  2. Route 66 Scentsy Bar
  3. Quiver Scentsy Bar
  4. Apple Press Scentsy Bar
  5. Rio Beach Scentsy Bar
  6. Lotus Cove Scentsy Bar
  7. My Home Scentsy Bar

Violet Leaf debuting in fine fragrance:

Scentsy ScenTrend Violet Leaf

How Do I Buy ScenTrend Violet Leaf?

ScenTrend bars are bought just like any other Scentsy bar.  Buy Violet Leaf online and start mixing with your favorite Scentsy fragrances today!

Scentsy Violet Leaf ScenTrend 2013

~Becky Sattler,
Independent Scentsy Star Director
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New Scentsy Scents fall winter 2012

Fall Winter Catalog Fragrances

Fall & Winter Scentsy Scent Collection 2012

Check out all of these new fragrances. There are some great one's in there and I look forward to hearing how everyone likes them!

Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Black Ruby Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Buckleberry Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Central Park Pralines Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Cinnamon Bear Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Cinnamon Vanilla Scentsy Bar $5.00
Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Clove & Cinnamon Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Cozy Fireside Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Dulce de Leche Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Eskimo Kiss Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Frosted Ginger Cookie Scentsy Bar $5.00
Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Honey Pear Cider Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Iced Pine Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Silver Bells Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Snowberry Scentsy Bar $5.00 Fall Winter Scentsy Scents 2012Whiteout Scentsy Bar $5.00

Holiday Catalog Scentsy Scents 2012

In this year’s Holiday Scentsy Catalog, five exclusive Scentsy holiday scents are offered:

Autumn Sunset Scentsy Bar $5.00 Christmas Cottage Scentsy Bar $5.00 Festival of Trees Scentsy Bar $5.00 Pumpkin Marshmallow Scentsy Bar $5.00 Pumpkin Roll Scentsy Bar $5.00

Browse my Scentsy online store for all Scentsy fragrances currently available in the complete Fall Winter 2012 catalog.

Scentsy Recap: What's New Over the Past Few Months

There have been so many exciting things happening with Scentsy over the past few months that I thought it would be a good idea to provide a short recap for everyone.  Over the past few months, Scentsy has introduced new products, new product lines, exciting specials, and more.

Holiday Scentsy Products

Each year Scentsy releases specific holiday products and this year they have started to roll out some of them.  These tend to sell out fast so if you see something you like or someone you know may like then I recommend that you go ahead and buy it and not wait.  These have always made great gifts and my friends love to have them around the house during this time of year.

Tom Turkey Scentsy Warmer

Tom Turkey Scentsy Warmer $31.50

He's Alive Scentsy Warmer Halloween

"He's Alive" Scentsy Warmer $35.00

Ghouls & Ghosts Scentsy Warmer

Ghouls & Ghosts Scentsy Warmer $35.00

Bluster Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

Bluster Snowman Scentsy Warmer

All Wrapped Up  Scentsy Warmer

All Wrapped Up Scentsy Warmer $35.00

Tis the Season Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

Tis the Season Scentsy Warmer $35.00













These are just a few of the holiday warmers they are offering. View all of the holiday warmers here.

Layers by Scentsy

This new product line offers a variety of products with great smelling fragrances. Everyone has their favorite scents and there are products that you can use throughout the day if you choose. I've been pleasantly surprised at these and have become an avid user.  Here is the full list of all the layers by Scentsy products.

Help Special Olympics

One of the great things about Scentsy is their desire to provide help to those in need.  They are offering a "Special Olympics" Charitable Cause Warmer called the "Champion".  Scentsy will donate $8 from every sale of these warmers to Special Olympics International.  They will do this from now until Feb 28, 2013.  It's a great way to help out a very special event.

Discounted Scentsy Products

Are you looking for discounted products?  Scentsy offers various products at discounts and those can be found on my online store website.  These change quickly depending on availability so if you see something you like then I recommend that you buy it quickly before it disappears.  Or they put it back at full price.

Scentsy Buddy BOGO Sale

The popular Scentsy Buddy is now on sale with a "buy one get one free" offer.  This offer does not include the "baby buddy" only the regular size scentsy buddy.  This offer runs through Dec 31, 2012 and allows you to get two Scentsy Buddies for only $25.

Grace Adele - The Newest Product Line

Scentsy introduced Grace Adele recently to offer fashion products such as purses, jewelry, clutches, and accessories as well as offer a new line of products for those looking to make extra income.  This is such a new product line that many people have signed up to become consultants and get in on the ground floor of this business opportunity.  These are fun products and let you display some of your own creativity and create your own "look".

I know that's a lot of info to digest but I hope that everyone is up to speed now on Scentsy.  If you have any questions...don't hesitate to ask me.

Top Selling Scentsy Scent Paks for June 2012


Is it time to buy more Scentsy scent paks?  Check out the top selling paks from June.

Newborn Nursery Scent Pak

On sale for $6.30

Newborn Nursery Scent Pak - bring back the memories of your newborn







Clean Breeze Scent Pak - The spring and fresh clean laundry

Clean Breeze Scent Pak

Fresh Scent








Sweet Pea and Vanilla Scent Pak - raspberries, vanilla, and sweet pea petals...a great combination

Sweet Pea Scent Pak

A great combination of smells








Luna Scent Pak - jasmine, sweet pea, freesia-juice berries

Luna Scent Pak

On sale for $6.30









French Lavender Scent Pak - smell of wild lavender from France

French Lavender Scent Pak

Smell of Herbal Lavender

Scentsy Bar Home Sweet Home name change

"My Home" Scentsy Bar

Scentsy's Home Sweet Home fragrance has a new name!  The same wonderful scent we know and love, now with a new name!  Introducing "My Home" Scentsy fragrance, a new name for our favorite spicy cinnamon and floral scent – a must try!

Home Sweet Home Scentsy Bar

"My Home" (formerly "Home Sweet Home")

My Home Scentsy fragrance available in Scentsy Bar, Scentsy Room Spray, Scentsy Scent Circle, Scent Pak, and Scentsy Travel Tin.

Browse other Scentsy Scents to see the complete array of yummy Scentsy fragrances.  Stick with your tried-and-true favorites, or maybe even try out a fresh new Scentsy scent!  If you need help choosing, give me a holler!

Layers Shower Gel

UPDATE - February 13, 2017

Scentsy Layers Shower Gel is no longer available. To shop the new Scentsy Skin collection simply follow this link - Scentsy Skin Products.

Original Post Below

The new collection of Shower Gel from Layers by Scentsy, available in 20 great Scentsy fragrances.  Scentsy Shower Gel is 8 fl oz. containers and help promote healthy skin with vitamin B5.

Buy Layers by Scentsy

  Scentsy Shower Gel

Awakening Scentsy Shower GelAwakening Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Be Still Scentsy Shower GelBe Still Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Coconut Lemongrass Layers Shower GelCoconut Lemongrass Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Enchanted Mist Layers Shower GelEnchanted Mist Layers Shower Gel $9.00 French Lavender Layers Shower GelFrench Lavender Layers Shower Gel$9.00
Linger Layers Shower GelLinger Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Love Story Layers Shower GelLove Story Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Lucky In Love Layers Shower GelLucky in Love Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Luna Layers Shower GelLuna Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Quiver Layers Shower GelQuiver Layers Shower Gel $9.00
Route 66 Layers Shower GelRoute 66 Layers Shower Gel $9.00 RU N2 Me Layers Shower GelRU N2 Me Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Satin Sheets Layers Shower GelSatin Sheets Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Simply Irresistible Layers Shower GelSimply Irresistible Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Skinny Dippin Layers Shower GelSkinny Dippin' Layers Shower Gel $9.00
Sugar Cookie Layers Shower GelSugar Cookie Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Sunkissed Citrus Layers Shower GelSunkissed Citrus Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Vanilla Suede Layers Shower GelVanilla Suede Layers Shower Gel $9.00 White Tea & Cactus Layers Shower GelWhite Tea & Cactus Layers Shower Gel $9.00 Zeppelin Layers Shower GelZeppelin Layers Shower Gel $9.00

Click here to see other Layers by Scentsy Products:

Layers Shower Cream

Layers Body Lotion

Layers Body Butter

Layers Solid Perfume

Layers Body Spray

Layers Bath Tablets

Layers Hand Cream

Layers Hand Soap

New Scentsy Scents Spring Summer 2012

Spring Summer Scentsy Catalog Fragrances 2012

Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesAwakening Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesBeach Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesCherry Limeade Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesEnliven Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesHoney, Do! Scentsy Bar
Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesJumpin’ Jelly Bean Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesLemon Coconut Chiffon Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesLilacs & Violets Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesLinger Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesLonicera Scentsy Bar
Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesLush Gardenia Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesMums & Marigolds Scentsy Bar  Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesPink Pepper Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesPixie Scentsy Bar
Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesRed Candy Apple Scentsy Bar
Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesRU N2 Me Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesSimply Strawberry Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesSugar Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesSurfer Chick Scentsy Bar  Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesTingelo Scentsy Bar
Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesTwo Harbors Scentsy Bar Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesYuzu Dragon Scentsy Bar  Spring Summer Scentsy FragrancesZeppelin Scentsy Bar

Buy new Scentsy Bars

New Scentsy Scents for Spring & Summer 2012

Awakening - Invigorate your senses with an unexpected harmony of white peach and vanilla, pineapple and amber.

Enliven - Wild orchid and renewing currant, blended with sweet, soft fruits and a drop of coconut milk.

Lemon Coconut Chiffon - Melt-in-your-mouth lemon custard layered with butter cake and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

Linger - Pink grapefruit, sugared apple, lavish praline, and flirty marshmallow swirl to create a fragrance that says “stay.”

Lonicera - Taste the sweet nectar from a honeysuckle trumpet as warm amber and patchouli hover above a spring garden.

Pink Pepper - Fruity, floral, and feisty Pink Pepper is a comforting yet contemporary scent—and the latest trend in home fragrance.  (Add to an existing fragrance to liven it up and add modern intrigue and depth).

Pixie - Mischievous moonscape of pink pepper, mandarin, and heliotrope, deepened by exotic teakwood and vanilla oak.

RU N2 Me - The spirit of a millennial captured in warm pink pepper, deep woods, and bright cassis in a scent for everyone.

Simply Strawberry - A juicy ripe strawberry plucked straight from the patch, with hints of green vine and tart seeds.

Tingelo - A mélange of sweet fruit and tangy citrus: tangelo, lemon, and apricot, enhanced by fragrant lychee berry.

Two Harbors - Escape to distant shores with tart Meyer lemon and refreshing lime, warmed by sweet vanilla and golden amber rays.

Yuzu Dragon - A burst of fruit that simply sparkles: fresh guava and honeyed nectarine spiked with exotic dragonfruit and yuzu.

Zeppelin - For those who dare to take to the sky: elegantly balanced citrus and sage soar over sandalwood and vetiver.

Buy the new Scentsy Scents for Spring Summer 2012 easily online, or contact me if you need help choosing which ones to try!  You're sure to find some you just love... there are so many good ones!

The new Warmers for the Spring Summer 2012 Catalog are breathtaking - have you seen them yet?  Did you know that Scentsy warmers are all hand-made?  Click on the link to see them all!

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Layers by Scentsy

New Scentsy Line:  Scentsy Layers- Lotions and more

The Scentsy brand we all know and love is more than warmers and wax... introducing Layers by Scentsy!  The new line of Scentsy products just expanded with the new Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog.  I am so excited about this new line of bath, body and laundry care fragrance uses for the same Scentsy scents we already know and love.

Scentsy lotions bath and body productsWith Layers by Scentsy you can create a fragrance experience that is uniquely yours, and layer your life with fragrance.  Buy Layers by Scentsy online.

Layers by Scentsy Products

The new Layers by Scentsy line will include nine Layers by Scentsy products–eight new ones, plus Scentsy Solid Perfume.  The new line of personal care products include:

  1. Scentsy Shower Gel:  this lightly foaming gel, infused with vitamin B5, refreshes with amazing Scentsy fragrance
  2. Scentsy Shower Cream:  add a little luxury to your daily shower with a creamy swirl of pampering fragrance
  3. Scentsy Body Lotion:  a beautifully scented, silky-smooth lotion containing aloe vera and shea butter
  4. Scentsy Body Butter:  super rich body butter infused with aloe vera and shea butter for a lusciously scented experience
  5. Scentsy Hand Cream:  a convenient tube of our rich aloe-vera-and-shea-butter lotion you can pack in your purse
  6. Scentsy Body Spray:  wrap yourself in a veil of fragrance; a light mist adds a perfect touch of Scentsy scent
  7. Scentsy Solid Perfume:  our most beautiful scents in fine-fragrance perfumes; each Scentsy Solid Perfume adds the perfect finishing touch to your layered scent experience
  8. Scentsy Washer Whiffs:  perfume for your laundry!  Add a cap full to your regular detergent to scent your clothes.
  9. Scentsy Dryer Disks:  anti-static dryer sheet substitute to round out the perfuming of your laundry
  10. *NEW Scentsy Hand Soap:  Keep your favorite Scentsy fragrance on hand! Our Hand Soap suds up with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance.
  11. *NEW Scentsy Bath Tablets:  Nothing invites relaxation like immersing yourself in warm, deliciously scented water. Our Bath Tablet makes it simple: Just drop it into your bath and let it lightly fizz to release its fragrance as you soak.

Layers by Scentsy Laundry Care

Layer your favorite Scentsy scent with your bath and body with the personal care products, and new laundry care products extend your Scentsy experience to your clothes. Scentsy Washer Whiffs is a perfume for your laundry. Simply add it to the wash cycle with your detergent to scent your clothes. Then, toss your laundry into the dryer and add a Scentsy Dryer Disk. The Dryer Disk is made of plastic infused with fragrance that has anti-static properties like a typical dryer sheet. It will scent up to 15 loads of laundry.  Scentsy Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks will be available in these scents:

Layers by Scentsy Fragrances

Layers by Scentsy includes Scentsy scents for the new personal care bath, body, and lotion products:

Join Scentsy and Sell Layers by Scentsy

Layers by Scentsy is an extension of our existing Scentsy product offering; it is not a new brand.  I am excited about this new line of Scentsy products, so we can all experience our favorite Scentsy scents throughout the day with all of the scented products we use!  Existing Scentsy Consultants can sell Layers by Scentsy under the same Consultant agreement, since it's just a new Scentsy line of products.  Scentsy also announced another new Scentsy product line called Sincerely Scent, a convenient SCENTED online card sending service.

Think of the home party you could host or be the Consultant with so many wonderful Scentsy fragrance products to share... join Scentsy and be among the first to sell the Layers by Scentsy products to your friends, neighbors, family, and everyone who loves Scentsy!

I can't wait to try out all of the new Layers by Scentsy products and layer myself in scent!  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or send me a message.

 ~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Scentsy ScenTrend Pink Pepper

ScenTrend 2012:  Pink Pepper

What is Scentsy's new ScenTrend?

We know Scentsy lovers are passionate about fragrance, so Scentsy developed ScenTrend to help our customers stay on top of the latest trends and have unlimited mixing potential. Scentsy tested, analyzed, and worked with their experts and international fragrance houses to identify the up-and-coming fragrance note for 2012 — Pink Pepper.  Scentsy will develop a new ScenTrend fragrance each year, and Pink Pepper debuts as the ScenTrend for 2012.

The ScenTrend fragrance Pink Pepper is intended to give a fresh and feisty, short-term burst of fragrance when mixed with anther existing Scentsy scent with the ScenTrend logo.  You will recognize the Pink Pepper in your scent, creating a unique twist to the existing Scentsy scent.   Pink Pepper is not designed to be warmed by itself, but is an excellent mixer and adds a deeper warm and spicy element to a Scentsy scent of your choice.

Scentrend 2012

What does Pink Pepper smell like?

Pink Pepper is definitely not a wallflower!  It’s a complex, multidimensional fragrance—both sweet and spicy, with a bit of floral mixed in. You’ll find it in gourmand fragrances and floral fragrances because it’s ideal for mixing; it adds depth and character while it stimulates the senses.  Pink Pepper is provocative and daring, and brings a sense of adventure and empowerment.  Its exotic, warm, and spicy nature conveys a take-charge attitude and a sense of renewed energy.  Pink Pepper is a perfect way to give some zip and zest to 2012.

Where does pink pepper come from?

The pink pepper scent is distilled from the dark pink berries of the Peruvian pepper tree. It’s not a peppercorn, but the berries are traditionally used in cooking in South America. They have a dry, spicy, and fresh aroma with hints of angelica and juniper.  Pink pepper grows wild in South America, but you can find it in the United States. In fact, if you live in Southern California or Florida, you might have some in your backyard and not even know it!

How can I use Pink Pepper to enhance my home fragrance experience?

If you’re already familiar with Scentsy, you know that scent can make a big difference in your life—it brings back memories and enhances your mood. The distinct, complex nature of Pink Pepper encourages experimentation, and we hope you do!  It is intended to be the perfect mixer to add to existing Scentsy fragrances, creating a fresh, spicy twist on your favorite Scentsy scents.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Add a cube or two to your favorite Scentsy fragrance and discover how Pink Pepper changes it.  Does the fragrance become deeper? Spicier? More complex?  The new Spring/Summer 2012 catalog will have the ScenTrend symbol next to fragrances that would mix well with Pink Pepper, the 2012 ScenTrend fragrance.  For starters, here are a few mixing suggestions for Pink Pepper:

Scentsy ScenTrend 2012

  1. Mums & Marigolds
  2. Hendrix
  3. Pixie
  4. Love Story
  5. Amber Road
  6. Imperial City
  7. Paradise Punch

If you find that you really like Pink Pepper, try mixing it with your favorite Scentsy bars to create a unique scent all of your own, yet completely fresh and new!

Pink Pepper debuting in Fine Fragrance

Pink Pepper seems to be making quite the splash among fine fragrances, and is definitely in the mode.  The following fine fragrances were recently released and contain Pink Pepper as an identifiable part of their scent:

  •  Gucci Guilty Intense by Gucci—2011
  • Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani—2011
  • Love Blossoms by Kate Moss—2011

How Can I Buy the ScenTrend fragrance Pink Pepper?

The ScenTrend fragrance will be available to purchase as a bar, just like any other Scentsy bar.  That way, you can add a cube or two, depending on how strong you want the Pink Pepper influence in your scent.  You can't buy Scentsy in a store, but it's easy to buy Scentsy online for minimal shipping and it will be delivered straight to your door via UPS.

buy Scentsy online