Scentsy Bath Bombs

Scentsy Bath Bombs! 

Our handcrafted Scentsy Bath Bombs offer more than just a pretty fizz. Inspired Scentsy fragrances soothe your senses while premium vitamin-rich moisturizers help nourish and soften your skin. 5.3 oz.  Scentsy fragranced Bath Bombs are currently available many classic Scentsy fragrances:  Amazon Rain, Blue Grotto, Go Go Mango, Luna, Mandarin Grapefruit Amber, Mystery Man, Pineapple Coconut Vanilla, Shimmer, Sunkissed Citrus, Lucky in Love, and Sea Salt & Avocado. Scentsy Bath Bombs

Scentsy Bath Bombs FAQ

What are the main ingredients? 

 Sodium Bicarbonate  Citric Acid  Fragrance  Sodium Coco-Sulfate  Sunflower Seed Oil  Olive Oil  Kaolin  Shea Butter  Aloe Vera  Vitamin E

How and where are they made?

Each of our premium bath bombs is made by hand at our manufacturing facility in Idaho. We start by small-batch mixing our proprietary blend of premium vitamin- and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Each bath bomb is then carefully hand-packed and left to cure for just the perfect amount of time. They are then wrapped, boxed and ready for you! Producing small batches as needed helps us ensure you are getting only the freshest, most effective product.

What makes bath bombs fizz?

It’s a reaction between two of the ingredients: sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. They do not react when dry, but when added to water, they react to create a fun, fizzy experience. This reaction helps the bath bomb break apart, releasing a flurry of moisturizing ingredients, fragrance and color.

What makes Scentsy Bath Bombs different?

Our handcrafted bath bombs are the perfect blend of vitamin-packed, antioxidant-rich moisturizing ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil, kaolin clay, shea butter and aloe. We infuse these ingredients with just the right amount of authentic Scentsy fragrance, leaving you refreshed and relaxed — and your skin amazingly soft.

How long will they be available?

Because they’re made in small batches, Scentsy Bath Bombs are limited in quantity and available only while supplies last.

Do they color my bathtub?

In our evaluation, we have not experienced this issue. They are made with water soluble colors to provide a beautiful, as well as fragrant, experience.

Do they contain any ingredients that may cause skin irritations?

As with all skin-contact products, there is a chance of a mild reaction. If you have sensitive skin, you may consider testing on a small area of skin before full use.

Is there glitter or a surprise inside?

Not at this time.

How many can I use at a time?

One bomb per bath is recommended, but feel free to combine fragrances as desired. If you have a large bathtub, you may consider using a second for added fragrance.

Will it stain my skin?

These products have been tested and do not cause skin staining.

How long does the fragrance last?

It varies, but you’ll be able to smell it in your bathroom hours after use.

How big are they?

5.3 oz., roughly the size of a baseball.

What is the shelf-life of bath bombs?

Approximately six months.

Do bath bombs fall under the Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you are unsatisfied with your bath bomb, please call Consultant Support at 877-855-0617, Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. MT.

What type of dye is used in the bath bombs?

FDA-approved dyes for external cosmetics.

Are bath bombs free of chemicals (parabens, sulfates)?

Our bath bombs are paraben-free, but not sulfate-free. The sulfates help create a fun foam and cleansing. 

Are bath bombs available for half-price and free Host Rewards?


Will more fragrances be made available?

As with any product, we will evaluate the success and determine whether or not it makes sense to offer additional fragrances.

Will bath bombs ever be offered in catalog?

They are currently a limited-time-only product.

Scentsy Mother's Day Bundle

Mother's Day Scentsy Gift Bundles

This Mother’s Day, give the special mom in your life something she’ll really love — Scentsy!  Choose any of these exclusive Scentsy Mothers Day Gift bundles, or buy one of each.

Celebrate your mom or other special women in your life with the limited-time Scentsy Mother’s Day Gift Bundles.  Perfect for personal pampering, stocking up your gift closet, or getting the perfect gifts for teacher appreciation, administrative professionals day, or a friend's birthday.


Mothers Day Spa Bundle

The Mother’s Day Scentsy Skin Gift Set includes skin pampering products in our Scentsy exclusive fragrance.  A collection of three Scentsy Body products — Bath Bomb, Hand Cream and Body Cream — in Pineapple Coconut Vanilla fragrance, wrapped in a beautiful gift bag.

Just $25 while supplies last. That’s an incredible deal, worth $30 a savings of $5!

Buy the Scentsy Mother's Day Spa Gift Bundle online.

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Scentsy Mothers Day Sale

The Mother’s Day Scentsy Skin Gift Set includes skin pampering products in our Scentsy exclusive fragrance.  A collection of three Scentsy Body products — Bath Bomb, Hand Cream and Body Cream — in Mandarin Grapefruit Amber, wrapped in a beautiful gift bag.

  • Scentsy Bath Bomb in Mandarin Grapefruit Amber
  • 1 Scentsy Hand Cream in Mandarin Grapefruit Amber
  • 1 Scentsy Body Cream in Mandarin Grapefruit Amber

Just $25 while supplies last. That’s an incredible deal, worth $30 a savings of $5!

Buy the Scentsy Mother's Day Spa Gift Bundle online.

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Scentsy Mom Warmer BundleCelebrate Mom with a Mother’s Day Scentsy Warmer Bundle.  The sweet, simple truth written in gold across a dreamy, pink-and-white swirled background.


  • 1 NEW! Home Is Where Your Mom Is Scentsy Warmer,
  • 1 Shimmer Scentsy Bar
  • 1 Luna Scentsy Bar and
  • 1 Just Breathe Scentsy Bar
 Just $50 while supplies last.  The bundle package price is like buying the Scentsy Warmer and getting the 3 Scentsy bars for FREE!
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Scentsy White Contempo warmer BundleCelebrate Mom with a Mother’s Day Scentsy Warmer Bundle.  The elegant, simple Contempo Scentsy warmer in white, with three classic Scentsy bar scents.


  • 1 Contempo White Scentsy Warmer,
  • 1 French Lavender Scentsy Bar
  • 1 Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scentsy Bar and
  • 1 Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bar
 Just $40 while supplies last.  The bundle package price is like buying the Scentsy Warmer and getting the 3 Scentsy bars for FREE!
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~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar

Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Honeymoon Hideaway ScentEscape to a secluded retreat of dew-kissed lily and tart-sweet kiwi, shaded by lush coconut palm.

Honeymoon Hideaway has been such a popular Scentsy fragrance since it came out in the new Scentsy catalog this spring.  Honeymoon Hideaway is perfect for a light, summery scent, or makes a fun gift for summer weddings!


  Honeymoon Hideaway Your Price: $5.00

 Perfect Scentsy Wedding Gifts

All of the Scentsy fragrances in the Romance Collection would be perfect to go with Honeymoon Hideaway.  Here are a few other wedding and honeymoon perfect Scentsy gift ideas:

Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer

Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmer roses wedding

Bride Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Flower Girl Plug In Warmer

Flower Girl Scentsy Plug In Warmer

Scentsy Garden of Love fragrance

Garden of Love Scentsy Bar

Lucky In Love Layers Solid Perfume

Lucky In Love Solid Perfume

Scentsy Love Story Body Lotion

Love Story Layers Body Lotion

Scentsy Scent of the Month February 2013

Scentsy Scent of the Month: Posy Peach Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Posy Peach Scent of the Month

Fuzzy ripe peach balanced by green, tender tendrils of violet leaf in a fragrance that hints at lazy summer days.

Posy Peach is a new Scentsy scent that is sure to please peach lovers everywhere.

Each month Scentsy offers a Scentsy Fragrance of the Month so check back for March’s Scent of the Month and scent review.

See more Scentsy Scents on the product page.

Scentsy Sale Price: $5.00 $4.50 ($0.50 off)

Buy Posy Peach Scentsy Bar

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Pooki The Polar Bear Scentsy Buddy

Pooki the Polar Bear Scentsy Buddy

Only $25.00

**UPDATE: Pooki is sold out and unfortunately unavailable to purchase any more.  Please check out our selection of current Scentsy Buddies.**

Are you still looking for a gift this holiday season for your little one?

Warm, white, and oh-so-fluffy, Pooki the Polar Bear is the perfect companion on a blustery winter day. Pooki comes with your choice of Scent Pak.  Place a Scent Pak in this Buddy's zippered pocket and bring him to life with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance.  The perfect gift this holiday season and the newest addition to the Scentsy buddy line.

Buy now - only $25, your choice of Scent Pak included.

Pooki Buddy BOGO sale

Scentsy Silhouette Warmers and Wraps

Scentsy Silhouette Wraps Warmers

Silhouette Etched Core Scentsy Warmers and Metal Wraps

shop Scentsy silhouette warmers

Buy an Etched Core Silhouette Warmer and Wrap combo online for only $40, then just update your warmer look or holiday decor by adding a new wrap for only $12!  One basic porcelain glowing warmer core, then many wrap options for home decor or holidays.

All wraps are designed to fit over the etched core Silhouette Collection Scentsy Warmer only. Individual wraps available separately. Silhouette Etched Core Glowing Warmer may be purchased separately.

Scentsy Etched Core Glowing Warmer

Buy Etched Core Warmer AND wrap of choice $40

Scentsy Loom Wrap Silhouette Warmer

Buy Loom Scentsy Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Scentsy Linden Wrap Slihouette Warmer

Buy Scentsy Linden Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Scentsy Lilli Wrap Silhouette Warmer

Buy Lili Scentsy Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Silhouette Scentsy Wrap Downtown

Buy Downtown Scentsy Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Silhouette Scentsy Wrap Chickadee

Buy Chickadee Scentsy Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Silhouette Warmer Wrap Castille

Buy Castille Scentsy Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Scentsy Butterfly Wrap Silhouette Warmer

Buy Butterfly Scentsy Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Scentsy Bird Cage Wrap Silhouette Warmer

Buy Birdcage Scentsy Wrap (warmer not included) $12

Scentsy Buddies

Scentsy Buddies

Each Scentsy Buddy is available for a limited time only, so don't delay!

Buy Scentsy Buddies Online

Crocodile Nile Scentsy Buddy


Rhino Ruby Scentsy BuddyScentsy Buddy Bunny BearCheck my Scentsy website for currently available Scentsy Buddies.


Buy Scentsy Buddy 

Previous discontinued Scentsy Buddies are sometimes available in the Closeout section of my Scentsy website while supplies last (each Scentsy Buddy includes your choice of Scent Pak fragrance):

Then, bring your new Scentsy Buddies to life with your choice of Scent Pak included with each Scensty Buddy.

Buy Scentsy Buddy

Contact me if you have any questions or need help to buy a Scentsy Buddy or choose the perfect Scent Pak!

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Layers by Scentsy

New Scentsy Line:  Scentsy Layers- Lotions and more

The Scentsy brand we all know and love is more than warmers and wax... introducing Layers by Scentsy!  The new line of Scentsy products just expanded with the new Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog.  I am so excited about this new line of bath, body and laundry care fragrance uses for the same Scentsy scents we already know and love.

Scentsy lotions bath and body productsWith Layers by Scentsy you can create a fragrance experience that is uniquely yours, and layer your life with fragrance.  Buy Layers by Scentsy online.

Layers by Scentsy Products

The new Layers by Scentsy line will include nine Layers by Scentsy products–eight new ones, plus Scentsy Solid Perfume.  The new line of personal care products include:

  1. Scentsy Shower Gel:  this lightly foaming gel, infused with vitamin B5, refreshes with amazing Scentsy fragrance
  2. Scentsy Shower Cream:  add a little luxury to your daily shower with a creamy swirl of pampering fragrance
  3. Scentsy Body Lotion:  a beautifully scented, silky-smooth lotion containing aloe vera and shea butter
  4. Scentsy Body Butter:  super rich body butter infused with aloe vera and shea butter for a lusciously scented experience
  5. Scentsy Hand Cream:  a convenient tube of our rich aloe-vera-and-shea-butter lotion you can pack in your purse
  6. Scentsy Body Spray:  wrap yourself in a veil of fragrance; a light mist adds a perfect touch of Scentsy scent
  7. Scentsy Solid Perfume:  our most beautiful scents in fine-fragrance perfumes; each Scentsy Solid Perfume adds the perfect finishing touch to your layered scent experience
  8. Scentsy Washer Whiffs:  perfume for your laundry!  Add a cap full to your regular detergent to scent your clothes.
  9. Scentsy Dryer Disks:  anti-static dryer sheet substitute to round out the perfuming of your laundry
  10. *NEW Scentsy Hand Soap:  Keep your favorite Scentsy fragrance on hand! Our Hand Soap suds up with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance.
  11. *NEW Scentsy Bath Tablets:  Nothing invites relaxation like immersing yourself in warm, deliciously scented water. Our Bath Tablet makes it simple: Just drop it into your bath and let it lightly fizz to release its fragrance as you soak.

Layers by Scentsy Laundry Care

Layer your favorite Scentsy scent with your bath and body with the personal care products, and new laundry care products extend your Scentsy experience to your clothes. Scentsy Washer Whiffs is a perfume for your laundry. Simply add it to the wash cycle with your detergent to scent your clothes. Then, toss your laundry into the dryer and add a Scentsy Dryer Disk. The Dryer Disk is made of plastic infused with fragrance that has anti-static properties like a typical dryer sheet. It will scent up to 15 loads of laundry.  Scentsy Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks will be available in these scents:

Layers by Scentsy Fragrances

Layers by Scentsy includes Scentsy scents for the new personal care bath, body, and lotion products:

Join Scentsy and Sell Layers by Scentsy

Layers by Scentsy is an extension of our existing Scentsy product offering; it is not a new brand.  I am excited about this new line of Scentsy products, so we can all experience our favorite Scentsy scents throughout the day with all of the scented products we use!  Existing Scentsy Consultants can sell Layers by Scentsy under the same Consultant agreement, since it's just a new Scentsy line of products.  Scentsy also announced another new Scentsy product line called Sincerely Scent, a convenient SCENTED online card sending service.

Think of the home party you could host or be the Consultant with so many wonderful Scentsy fragrance products to share... join Scentsy and be among the first to sell the Layers by Scentsy products to your friends, neighbors, family, and everyone who loves Scentsy!

I can't wait to try out all of the new Layers by Scentsy products and layer myself in scent!  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or send me a message.

 ~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Sasha the Bear Scentsy Buddy

Sasha the Bear Charitable Cause Scentsy Buddy

Sasha Charitable Cause Scentsy Buddy

***UPDATE (April 2012) - Scentsy was able to donate $322,500 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities through the sale of this darling Cause Buddy!  Thanks for your support of such a great cause, and thank you, Scentsy for being so generous - ALL net proceeds were donated!  Sasha the Bear is now out of stock and unavailable for purchase. **

Sasha the Bear is an exclusive Scentsy Buddy, available for a limited time during the Fall Winter 2011 Scentsy Catalog only.  She is the first-ever Charitable Cause Scentsy Buddy and is sure to warm the hearts of everyone who gets her.

Sasha Charitable Cause Scentsy Buddy

Buy Sasha the Bear online

Sasha the Bear is a cuddly, comforting Scentsy Buddy bear and comes dressed in scrubs. Sasha (like all Scentsy Buddies) includes your choice of Scentsy Scent Pak, turning this cute bear into a yummy-scented stuffed animal to snuggle.

Scentsy choses a different charitable cause organization to support through the sale of one exclusive product each catalog.  Proceeds from the sale of Sasha the Bear go to support the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities® to improve the health and well-being of children all over the world. Scentsy will donate 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this unique Scentsy Buddy directly to the organization.

Scentsy Charitable Causes

The Charitable Cause Warmers have been a great success in the past, and I am so excited to see how big a Charitable Cause Scentsy Buddy will be!

  1. The first Charitable Cause Warmer created in the Spring Summer Catalog 2010 was the Sunshine Kids Scentsy Warmer.  Scentsy was able to raise over $150,000 for their organization from the sale of the Sunshine Kids warmer.
  2. The National Breast Cancer Foundation Cause was a huge success during the Fall Winter Catalog in 2010 and received a $600,000 donation check from Scentsy through the proceeds of the special Love, Life, Hope Scentsy warmer.
  3. The Piece By Piece Autism Scentsy warmer from the Spring Summer Catalog 2011 was another big hit, and supported the Autism Speaks organization.
  4. Sasha the Bear Scentsy Buddy for the Fall Winter 2011 Scentsy Catalog is sure to be a hit, with proceeds being donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  5. Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer for the Spring Summer 2012 Catalog with proceeds donated to the American Heart Association.

Scentsy Buddy Monkey

Scentsy Buddy Spotlight:  Mollie the Monkey

This adorable monkey is part of the Scentsy Buddy Collection.

Mollie is 15.5" tall and 9.5" when seated.  This is the perfect gift for kids.  The fragrance goes right in the zippered pocket on the monkey's back.

Scentsy Buddy's are stuffed animals that all have a zippered pocket located on their back where a scent pack can be inserted which gives off a "scent".  These have shown to be very popular with children of all ages and even adults that enjoy these types of gifts.  Scentsy also offers you the chance to register your scentsy buddy at

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