Scentsy 15 Year Anniversary

On May 1, 2019, Scentsy celebrated its 15 year anniversary in business!  We are thrilled to get to celebrate this big milestone with Scentsy, and want to invite everyone to the party!

Join Scentsy for $15join scentsy for $15

As a special present to YOU, Scentsy is offering a never-before-offered discounted join kit for only $15 USD during the month of May 2019… and now again for the month of September, 2019!!  That’s right… only $15!!  For the price of a lunch, you can start the adventure of your life and join our Scentsy team!  

So, if you have ever been thinking about joining Scentsy, or starting your own business, now is the perfect time to jump on in and give it a try with practically no risk.  You get:

  • Alabaster Mini Warmer
  • Scentsy Bar of Pink Cotton 
  • 15 Scentsy fragrance testers
  • 15 catalogs
  • 3 months of your own personalized website
  • 3 sheets of new release scented stickers
  • Quick Start Guide

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