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April 27, 2016

How to Talk to Someone About Joining Scentsy

How to Bring Up a Recruiting Conversation

So, you know you need to grow your Scentsy or other network marketing business, but sometimes it's hard to know exactly how to do it!  It's hard to know what to say so you don't talk too much or say too little.  I'm going to teach you how to bring up the opportunity to join Scentsy.

Examples of What to Say to Get a Recruit:

  • To a good Scentsy customer:  "You know, you love this so much, and are already telling everyone about how much you love Scentsy! You would make a perfect consultant, and I would sure love to have you on my team!"
  • To everyone at a Scentsy home party:  "Thanks for coming to our Scentsy party. You will love the products and I can't wait to show you all of the amazing things in our catalog. Since the product is so simple and so easy to sell, it makes such a great way to make a little extra income. I would love to have you join my Scentsy team, and will help you start your own Scentsy business if that is something you're interested in."
  • To a friend you haven't seen in a while:  When they ask how you are doing, and what you've been up to lately, you tell them, "Oh! I have been growing my Scentsy business, and I am just loving it! It's such a fun way to make a little extra money, and our team is so awesome!"  Let her ask you more questions as you just tell her what it's like.  Don't be afraid to invite her and say, "wouldn't it be so fun for us to work together? Come join my team and we can do this together!"
  • To someone who approaches you about joining Scentsy:   They don't need to hear about all the specific details like requirements for how much to sell, how much a minimum party is or how host rewards work, how to convert PRV for the PEG rate, or even too many details about how much you make or how the Scentsy Compensation Plan works. These things are not secret, but they are unnecessary and confusing details at this point. Scentsy is a legitimate business opportunity, and we know there is no catch or fine print, so you can sell them the hope not the hype, and not feel bad like you are tricking them. But, them feeling the hope and excitement will lead them to join a lot better then giving them too many details to think about. The thing that most holds people back is fear. No amount of information will help them get over their fear. It will be more about building her confidence and their feeling of excitement and hope that they can do it too.

Recruiting Converstation Phrases:

Sometimes you just need some idea starters with a few key phrases that really help someone decide to join Scentsy and join your team instead of another consultant's team.  Here are some examples of phrases I use in recruiting conversations that really work, but the main ideas is to just express confidence in them, and give them confidence in you as their sponsor, that you will help them and they won't be alone:

  • I think you'd be good at Scentsy because _____  (everyone has a character trait or talents that would make them great Scentsy consultants!  They won't be the same for everyone, so think of why this person in particular would be great... they are so friendly, they are connected, they are organized, they are good at business, etc.)
  • I will help you.
  • I will be your sponsor and your support for anything you need. (Even if you are new, you can recruit right away... what you don't know, you can find out together!)
  • We have a great team from all over the world, so there is lots of support; you'll fit right in and love it too!

If you still need some help in knowing what to say, read my blog post about the Top 10 Reasons to Join Scentsy and give them some of those reasons.

The Importance of an Emotional Connection in Recruiting:

Making an emotional connection with your potential Scentsy recruits is important, and it is the key to help them take the leap and join you in your Scentsy business. Here's a video

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