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September 6, 2011

Scentsy Fall Winter Starter Kit

Join Scentsy Starter Kit New Scentsy Starter Kit - Join Scentsy

Now is the perfect time to join Scentsy!  The new Fall Winter 2011 Catalog just started in September, with all kinds of exclusive brand new Scentsy products.

Join Scentsy for only $99 and receive the new Fall Winter Starter Kit, complete with everything you need to get your new Scentsy business started in a hurry.  The Starter Kit is amazing, and is worth almost $300, but you get to buy it and start your Scentsy business adventure for only $99!

The new fall catalog is the perfect time to join, and you will receive 50 in your new Starter Kit.  Be the first to show the new Scentsy products to your neighbors, friends, family, and everyone!  The holiday catalog is just around the corner, and is always a huge hit.  The fall and holiday sales are by far the biggest selling season of the year... join while Scentsy sells so easily!  You can't help but be successful when you join now.

Holiday Catalog sales

Start your Scentsy business today, and have a stress-free Christmas budget this year!  In fact, speaking of Christmas, the new Scentsy Holiday Catalog comes out this month too, so you have an expanded product line to sell!  The holiday warmers are always a hit.  Everyone likes to decorate for the holidays, and there is a Scentsy warmer for every season - Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

Join Scentsy today and get the new Scentsy Starter Kit for fall - the best work at home business opportunity is at your fingertips!  I look forward to working with you as you build your own home based candles business with your new Scentsy Starter Kit!

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