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October 3, 2012

Scentsy Recap: What's New Over the Past Few Months

There have been so many exciting things happening with Scentsy over the past few months that I thought it would be a good idea to provide a short recap for everyone.  Over the past few months, Scentsy has introduced new products, new product lines, exciting specials, and more.

Holiday Scentsy Products

Each year Scentsy releases specific holiday products and this year they have started to roll out some of them.  These tend to sell out fast so if you see something you like or someone you know may like then I recommend that you go ahead and buy it and not wait.  These have always made great gifts and my friends love to have them around the house during this time of year.

Tom Turkey Scentsy Warmer

Tom Turkey Scentsy Warmer $31.50

He's Alive Scentsy Warmer Halloween

"He's Alive" Scentsy Warmer $35.00

Ghouls & Ghosts Scentsy Warmer

Ghouls & Ghosts Scentsy Warmer $35.00

Bluster Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

Bluster Snowman Scentsy Warmer

All Wrapped Up  Scentsy Warmer

All Wrapped Up Scentsy Warmer $35.00

Tis the Season Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

Tis the Season Scentsy Warmer $35.00













These are just a few of the holiday warmers they are offering. View all of the holiday warmers here.

Layers by Scentsy

This new product line offers a variety of products with great smelling fragrances. Everyone has their favorite scents and there are products that you can use throughout the day if you choose. I've been pleasantly surprised at these and have become an avid user.  Here is the full list of all the layers by Scentsy products.

Help Special Olympics

One of the great things about Scentsy is their desire to provide help to those in need.  They are offering a "Special Olympics" Charitable Cause Warmer called the "Champion".  Scentsy will donate $8 from every sale of these warmers to Special Olympics International.  They will do this from now until Feb 28, 2013.  It's a great way to help out a very special event.

Discounted Scentsy Products

Are you looking for discounted products?  Scentsy offers various products at discounts and those can be found on my online store website.  These change quickly depending on availability so if you see something you like then I recommend that you buy it quickly before it disappears.  Or they put it back at full price.

Scentsy Buddy BOGO Sale

The popular Scentsy Buddy is now on sale with a "buy one get one free" offer.  This offer does not include the "baby buddy" only the regular size scentsy buddy.  This offer runs through Dec 31, 2012 and allows you to get two Scentsy Buddies for only $25.

Grace Adele - The Newest Product Line

Scentsy introduced Grace Adele recently to offer fashion products such as purses, jewelry, clutches, and accessories as well as offer a new line of products for those looking to make extra income.  This is such a new product line that many people have signed up to become consultants and get in on the ground floor of this business opportunity.  These are fun products and let you display some of your own creativity and create your own "look".

I know that's a lot of info to digest but I hope that everyone is up to speed now on Scentsy.  If you have any questions...don't hesitate to ask me.

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