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February 4, 2019

The Value of Recruiting

The Value of Sponsoring

If you are considering starting your own Scentsy business or are currently a Direct Sales consultant this is for you.  Whether you are having a hard time growing your team, or even just catching the vision of why you should recruit, hopefully this will help! 

When I say "recruit", I am referring to the intentional actions of growing your team, but of course that implies that you will mentor and help them have success along the way. 

I will show you why you should grow a team, the income potential from maximizing the compensation plan to take advantage of earning Leadership Bonuses, and tools for recruiting, along with some challenges to put it all in practice.   

"Why should I recruit?"

The same reason that you decided to join is the reason you should recruit and grow a team! Most likely you had some goal in mind for your business, and that helped you sign up.  Your efforts toward those goals are multiplied and made possible only by recruiting and growing a team.  

Why would someone want to join Direct Sales?

Here are a handful of reasons someone might join, and how recruiting is the key to attaining those purposes:

  1. Money/time (make way more money with a team, that leads to freedom… time to quit your job or time to do what you love)
  2. Travel (earn trips by recruiting and promoting)
  3. Recognition (earn promotions, awards)
  4. Social (more fun with a team, and you’ll also find some of your best friends at SFR, on incentive trips, at Leadership)
  5. Impact/Influence (much harder without a team!  Who do you influence? LOL)
  6. Self-improvement/Self-Confidence (didn’t know I was joining for THIS!  Didn’t know it would be the most valuable and favorite part of my Scentsy business; you can make money anywhere… but not everything makes your confidence.  Not everything builds you personally and helps you grow. People PAY for self-improvement classes, if you work it right, you can make money with Scentsy and have a great springboard to your personal journey!)

CYCLE: recruit and help them grow, continually recruiting to grow and expand (always better than a sale! Lead with the join opportunity).  Grow wide (increase your own personal recruits) and help them grow deep (help them all recruit). I missed out on many downline bonuses because they promoted Directors before I could tap into that bonus by being SD or SSD, but growth and momentum is always good!  Help THEM be as successful as they can...even if you miss out on their bonus… and continue to grow so you can capture that downline bonus as soon as you can. It’s a LONG game mentality.

GOAL = SSD just means that you find four people who want to get to Director and you help them get there!

Paid at Title

Make sure your goal is to always be paid at title.  (You’ll never miss a paycheck, you’ll never miss a promotion and get tons of points for incentives!)  What does it take to be Paid At Title (PAT)?  There are three requirements each month to be PAT.  If you have promoted to a higher rank but don't have all of the requirements that month to be paid at that rank, you will be paid at the level you achieve for that month.  There aren't any penalties for not being paid at title, you just only earn the leadership bonuses based on your current rank for that month.  

  • 500 PRV - personal retail volume
  • Active FL  - frontline = your personal recruits (help them actively work and grow their business; if you don’t have FL, that’s why you need to recruit!)
  • TWV  - team wholesale volume; 75% of combined team PRV (the bigger the team, the easier that is to get there, and the easier it is to reach that each month)

How Much Can You Make as a Scentsy Consultant?

This is Scentsy's Income Disclosure Statement showing maximum annual pay for each Scentsy rank.  You can see the vast difference in pay as you climb the ranks, with the huge jump in max annual commission at SuperStar Director. (This is WHY you promote and aim for SSD!!)

*I am required by the government to post this Scentsy Income Disclosure Statement stating that results vary, and nothing is guarantee of income.  Having said that, these are my real income graphs so it really is possible if you work hard!  

Scentsy Income Disclosure










Actual Scentsy Paycheck Breakdown

This chart below is MY actual income graph showing the breakdown of where my paycheck comes from: income from personal sales vs. downline leadership bonus pay.  My graph in particular is from being paid as Escential Consultant through all of the ranks up to Star Director. Scentsy Paycheck breakdownScentsy Commission Check by source



























Recruiting is about Mindset

Imagine your life if it were everything you dream of! What is keeping you from that dream? What is keeping you from recruiting? 

Recruiting is about MINDSET, not even necessarily the SKILLS.  If you WANT it badly enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen!  YOU have your own unique personality, which means your own unique way of recruiting!  If you use someone else's way, it will get you started, but you have to make it yours to be effective and non-spammy!  That comes from passion and practice!

HOW To Recruit:

Put on your recruiting glasses!  You see what you look for.  When I DECIDED to strive to earn Annual Mentor, my whole business completely changed.  When I joined in 2008 and didn't really make much progress in growing my team until I started my recruiting focus in 2012.  I was determined to grow my team, and I earned Annual Mentor in 2012! 

I earned the Annual Mentor Award again in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and missed 2017 by my last recruit to put in 30 PRV… but I earned it again in 2018.  Choosing to focus on growing my team and recruiting changed my business in every way.  I also earned my first incentive trip in 2012 to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and haven't missed earning a single incentive trip since then! 

Once you decide that you WILL grow, you will find and create the best ways for you to recruit.  Whatever you do, it must be authentic and genuine so it doesn't feel spammy. 

Don't be spammy

Recruiting can be a natural, generous way to offer something amazing that you have found.  Don't decide for them; our job is to invite and offer the opportunity to join you, then let them decide. 

How to find someone to join

Here are my 2 TOP SECRETS to how I do it!  When I started using these two methods, my recruiting completely changed and was way more effective.  These are the keys; you have to apply them in the scenarios you choose.  


    1. “You would be great at Scentsy because…”  Look for one true, unique quality or character trait that would make them successful if they chose to run a  Scentsy business. (NOT how Scentsy would be good for them; how THEY would be good for Scentsy.) Express confidence and share what you see in them.
      1. 3 sentences:  you would be great at Scentsy because___,
      2. express confidence in THEM that they will be great,
      3. give them confidence in YOU, that you’ll help them
    2. Doesn’t have to be scent-related (organization skills, great social media presence, friendly, run a business, connector, social personality, fundraiser, etc).  Current customers and hosts are a great place to look, but don’t count out others… like ME!
    3. The more you train yourself to look for the good qualities in others, the more you’ll see it!  Even if they don’t join, you’ll give them a gift of an honest compliment and they will feel good about themselves.

    1. Referrals “who do you know…” ask at parties, customers, friend conversations; this is how I got 30 good referrals for Australia when it was opening up!  This is a great way to get referrals, but it also takes the pressure off of the person you're asking, and often they admit that they have been thinking of joining.
    2. Can be in a conversation, but you should also think of a system that will help your customers know what you want from them - sticker on your products saying to post and tag you, postcard explaining your referral program and rewards, mention it in your customer newsletter, post a graphic in your VIP page, etc.

PRACTICE makes progress

  1. Turn to your neighbor and think of one UNIQUE reason they would be good at Scentsy and tell them!  (Use the 3 sentences, and ask!)

“You are so organized and would be so great at running a business!  I can see you really being so successful as a business owner, you would be perfect at this!  I will be here to help you the whole way, we can do it together; it’ll be so fun! Have you ever thought about starting a business?”

  1. Now turn to your other neighbor and ask for a referral!  “Who do you know that___?”
  2. Find some friends to practice and role play good examples (who wants to come up and show us how it went?)  

Scenario role play practice: (which approach are you going to use, what are you going to say?)

  • At a party
  • With a customer
  • Chatting with a friend

You can be a successful recruiter

It was Scentsy Convention 2009 in Salt Lake City and I had been a consultant for about 18 months.   My rank at the time was a Lead, and at that even they were presenting big awards and even giving away cars on stage.  This got me wondering about my potential do be successful with the business too, and I asked my husband, “Do you think this will ever be me?”.  My reason for joining was to pay off grad school student loans and have a little money for extras.  However, I didn't have the vision or belief that I really could make it work much bigger than just the helpful little income I was making at the time. 

I had no idea that I would go on to earn my own awards, trips, and even support my family with our Scentsy income after my husband was laid off from his job.  I couldn't see it then, but it really would be me... and it can be you too! 

DREAM BIG!  You CAN do it!  Don’t be afraid of success, don’t be afraid of failure, don’t be afraid to share this awesome opportunity!  You love Scentsy enough to be a consultant and make that investment and commitment to build your Scentsy business, so don’t keep it to yourself!  Share and let them decide if the time is right to join. Our job is simply to extend the offer!

Personal Action Plan

What are you going to do differently?  What’s your plan? Take-away or ahas?

WRITE down your own Direct and Indirect Approaches and practice.  Practice with your family, your neighbors, your dog, your team.

Want a little more?  Here's a video of me presenting to a group of Scentsy Consultants about the value of recruiting, but explaining the why and how of recruiting!

~Becky Sattler,

Scentsy SuperStar Director

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