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21 06, 2019

Scentsy Netherlands FAQ

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Scentsy Netherlands Expansion FAQ Scentsy Europe is expanding to open the Netherlands in the autumn of 2019.  Here are a few answers to common questions including when will Scentsy Netherlands open, how much does it cost to sign up to join, and a few other questions to help consultants as well as potential consultants be prepared to [...]

19 01, 2015

Scentsy New Zealand Launch

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Scentsy New Zealand Launch Info Scentsy opened Scentsy New Zealand, adding to add to our Region 3 Australia Scentsy businesses.  Scentsy New Zealand is part of Region 3, joining the Scentsy Australia region as of March 10, 2015. Contact me today for more information on becoming a Scentsy New Zealand Consultant, or sign up today so you [...]

10 08, 2014

Scentsy Austria

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Austria Joins Scentsy Europe Just announced!  Scentsy Europe is expanding to include launch into Scentsy Austria.  Such a great time to join Scentsy with such huge growth and international expansion.  Scentsy Spain and Scentsy France were previously announced at the Scentsy UK annual convention to be opening in August 2014, but Austria was also announced [...]

14 08, 2013

Scentsy France

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Scentsy in France I am so happy to announce that  Scentsy will be opening in France to expand Scentsy Europe!  Starting August 10, 2014 you can join and sell Scentsy if you live in France. I invite you to Join my international team of Scentsy Consultants and you could be one of the first Scentsy [...]

24 07, 2013

Scentsy Mexico FAQ

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Scentsy Mexico ÚNASE A LA TRAVESÍA ¿Qué significan $1,999 para usted? Alcanzar sus metas. Disfrutar la aventura. Unirse a Scentsy. En Scentsy queremos inspirar a las personas con deliciosas fragancias que las transporten a lugares maravillosos, y necesitamos la ayuda de gente apasionada como usted. Si a usted le encanta Scentsy, éste es el momento de [...]

22 07, 2013

Scentsy in Australia

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Australia is officially opening to Scentsy!! Breaking news that dates for Scentsy Australia informal "Meet Scentsy Open House Meetings" are confirmed: Sydney, Australia meeting:  Tuesday September 3, 2013   noon - 3pm   Stamford Plaza, Corner of Robey & O’Riordan Sts, Mascot, Sydney Melbourne, Australia meeting:  Wednesday September 4, 2013  noon - 3pm  Hotel Bruce County, [...]

11 07, 2013

Join Scentsy Australia

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Scentsy in Australia! *UPDATE:  Scentsy has now been open in Australia for 4 months and there are already almost 1,000 Scentsy and Grace Adele consultants!!  The country is simply exploding for Scentsy!  Join Scentsy Australia now and get in while it's still ground level.** Scentsy Fragrance and Grace Adele Brands are coming to Australia starting [...]