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November 9, 2018

Ten Ways to Sell Scentsy

10 Ways to Work Your Scentsy Business (without home parties!)

"I don’t want to have parties!"  "Can I run a successful Scentsy business without doing home parties?"

If you have ever been interested in starting a Scentsy business (or other Direct Sales business), but found yourself wondering if you had to have home parties to make it work, here's an article just for you!  I love home parties and think they are a great way to run your business, but there are many options besides home parties.

I have compiled a list of 10 viable ways to grow your Scentsy business without having to host tons of home parties... or bug your family and friends. These are just a few ideas, but of course there are many ways to run your Scentsy business. (Just have to stay in compliance and avoid things like selling on eBay.)

1. Realtors - home staging, homebuyer gifts (work it out to get them the best deal. Enter the order as a party to give host rewards and shipping discount, bundle products to get specials)

2. Vendor events (don’t just sell, look for new team members first, then schedule bookings so you get multiple benefits from the event!)

3. Corporate gifting (orthodontist referring dentists, work anniversary gifts, holidays, business giveaways and incentives, etc.)

4. Lunch work parties (bring party to them!  Simple party at lunch in the break room)

5. Fundraisers (great for any organization: sports teams, schools, choirs, pet rescues, dance teams, etc.)

6. Online - blog, YouTube, Instagram, find bloggers to do a review for you, Facebook page, FB VIP group, facebook parties online 

7. Referrals - ask current customers for interested contacts, have customers post pics of their new products and tag you, 

8. Customer care and follow up - Keep the customers you have and you don’t have to find as many new ones! Make it easy for them to continue to buy from you!

9. Basket parties - local and mail away; you can have multiple sets circulating all the time

10. Recruit!  Build your team!  Scentsy offers leadership bonuses that can greatly increase your paychecks as you lead and grow your team.  You can’t stop selling and building your team, but recruiting and leading your team will multiply your efforts. You couldn’t possibly sell nearly as much as you would need to make an full-time income from your business.  Leverage the leadership component and find the joy in leading your team to success along with you!

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