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9 06, 2015
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Top Selling Scentsy Products

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Top Selling Products From the New Spring 2017 Scentsy Catalog We're not even 10 days into March but already some of the new products are showing they are a very welcome addition to the Scentsy product lineup! Here are the top selling warmers and scents. To buy online any of these awesome new Scentsy Warmers [...]

26 04, 2012

Scentsy Buddy

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Scentsy Buddies (Limited Edition) Scentsy Buddies are produced in limited quantities and available only while supplies last — that means a new buddy to love when one sells out! Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite Scent Pak.   Scentsy has a limited edition approach to offering Scentsy Buddies.  Instead of having [...]

19 08, 2011

Scentsy Cupcake Warmer

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The popular Scentsy Cupcake Warmer is now on sale.  You can get $2.50 off right now in the online store. Description:  A rich chocolate-brown warmer dish is sandwiched between a pleated base and removable dollop of fluffy frosting, sprinkled with powdered sugar accents and vent holes to release delicious fragrance.  Scentsy's first ever three-piece warmer! [...]

25 07, 2011

Scentsy Warmers Sizes

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Scentsy Warmers Sizes Since Scentsy begun, it has introduced multiple sizes of Warmers that fit into different rooms in your home as well as different sizes of homes. The Nightlight Warmers (the warmers that plug directly into the wall) are a favorite size for bathrooms in the US and Canada while the new Element Warmers [...]

14 02, 2011

How Scentsy works

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Scentsy Basics I just ran into a friend who mentioned she has a Scentsy Warmer but the wax is lasting forever because the dish never gets empty!  I noticed her warmer was plugged in, but I didn't smell any scent.  As I explained how Scentsy works, I realized I needed to post and spread the [...]