BBQ Grill Scentsy Warmer Fathers Day Bundle

Father's Day Scentsy Bundle

*Post update:  SORRY!  The Scentsy Barbeque Warmer Bundle is all sold out and no longer available.  But you can definitely still browse the Scentsy Groom products category for many perfect Father's Day gifts!

Scentsy has introduced an exclusive Father’s Day Warmer this year, and offered it in a special bundle deal with an amazing price.  The Scentsy Father's Day Gift Bundle includes:

The Father's Day BBQ bundle is available for just $50 (USD)... that price is like buying the exclusive new Scentsy BBQ grill warmer and getting the three Scentsy Bars for FREE!

BBQ grill Scentsy Warmer

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Barbecue Grill Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy has created this unique 3-piece hand painted warmer exclusively for Fathers Day 2016.  It is an element warmer, so there is no lightbulb, but the wax melts from the heat of a warmer plate in the bottom of the Scentsy warmer dish to release the fragrance.

The top BBQ lid comes off to access the warmer dish where you place the Scentsy wax cubes, and the scent escapes through the BBQ lid holes.  Such a fun, unique gift, but only available while supplies last, so don't miss out on your chance to buy the BBQ Grill Scentsy Warmer for Fathers Day 2016.

Scentsy Groom Product Line Gifts

If the Scentsy BBQ Grill Warmer and manly fragrances isn't your Dad's style, give him the gift of any of our Groom Scentsy Products.


Choose from any of the following amazing Scentsy Groom Line of Mens Products:

Each of the Groom Scentsy Mens Line of products are available in your choice of five manly fragrances, ranging from sleek and dapper to bold and daring.

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Mustache Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Mustache Warmer

Mustache Scentsy Warmer

Whimsical and trendy, Mustache Scentsy Warmer brings a warm glow of porcelain to any home décor.

Perfect for Father’s Day, graduations, or just because mustaches are fun!

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Mustache: Scentsy Warmer of the Month May 2014

Buy the Mustache warmer in its debut month and buy it on sale!

May Scentsy Scent of the Month: Mystery Man

Mystery Man Scentsy Scent of the Month

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 Mystery Man Scentsy Scent of the Month:  Warm white cedar, green verbena and citrusy bergamot in a perfectly spiced, sensual  fragrance.

~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Scentsy Warmer of the Month May 2013

“Father's Day Gallery Collection” Scentsy Warmer of the Month

Scentsy Fathers Day Warmer of the Month May

Buy Scentsy Warmer of the Month: Father's Day Gallery Collection

Give Dad something that’s more memorable than a tie. The Father’s Day Scentsy Gallery Collection includes your choice of a Charcoal or Cream Gallery Warmer and one of five* limited-edition Gallery Frames that reflect some of Dad’s favorite pastimes.

Perfect for a Father's Day gift, or anywhere the themes would fit... with five changeable gallery themes, the possibilities are endless!  I'm really excited about this new Scentsy product and I'm sure it will be a big seller.  Choose from the following Gallery frames:

A safe candle: 25-watt lightbulb melts the Scentsy wax cubes in the dish on top to make your whole room smell good, with no fire danger, soot, or smoke.  Each month Scentsy offers a Scentsy Warmer and fragrance of the month, so check back for June's Scent of the Month.

See the previous Scentsy Warmer of the Month for April 2013.

Scentsy Price: $35

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