Scentsy Incentive Trip DisneyWorld

Scentsy Incentive Trip 2021: DisneyWorld!

DisneyWorld castle family

Our Scentsy incentive trip to DisneyWorld was so amazing!!  Scentsy incentive trips are world class and all-inclusive, all paid for and all arranged for us... you can literally leave your wallet at home (well, you do need your photo ID to get on the plane, haha).

When you earn an incentive trip, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Not only do you get to make memories with your family, but you get to be there with other Scentsy consultants. I love Scentsy incentive trips and work hard every year to make sure I am on that trip!

Scentsy DisneyWorld Incentive Trip Video

If you want to see just what Scentsy does to pull out all the stops for a Scentsy incentive trip, here's my video sharing it all with my Scentsy team! This was the 2021 Scentsy incentive trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. 

Scentsy incentive trips don't always include the option to earn (or buy in) for the family, but this trip to DisneyWorld was the exception!  I earned the incentive trip for two people, then bought in two more spots for two of my kids to come with us!  

What is an incentive trip, "Scentsy Style"?

Scentsy included literally EVERYTHING for this incentive trip including: 

SO many incredible experiences for an unforgettable Scentsy incentive trip.  We could always plan a DisneyWorld trip, but only Scentsy incentives can do it Scentsy style.

Start a Scentsy business and earn your own Scentsy Incentive Trips

Scentsy incentive trips are definitely not easy to earn, but they are open to ALL to earn.  It takes a combination of points earned from sales, sponsoring new consultants and helping them get off to a good start, personal rank promotions, and being Paid At Title. 

I met lots of new consultants on this trip who had joined within the last year and earned a Scentsy incentive trip! So, it really is open and attainable to anyone willing to go for it, make a plan to see how they can get there, and work to make it happen.

Earn a Scentsy Incentive Trip

Do you love to travel and want to earn a Scentsy incentive trip yourself?  Come join my Scentsy team, and I can help you start your own Scentsy business.  I'll help you map out a plan so you can see what you need to do to earn the Scentsy incentive trip for yourself.  Then, you work hard to achieve that plan, and you can come with me on the next Scentsy incentive trip!

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Scentsy Summer Incentive Trip

Launch to Leadership Scentsy Incentive Trip

Scentsy Summer Incentive Trip

What time is it? It's time to earn a Scentsy summer incentive trip!

Now is your chance to join our annual Scentsy 2015 summer incentive - Launch to Leadership!  This year's summer incentive trip is a free CRUISE to Cozumel, Mexico.

Free Scentsy Cruise to Cozumel

If you earn this year's Launch to Leadership Scentsy incentive trip, you'll be joining fellow Scentsy Consultants for our annual Leadership Retreat, this year aboard Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas with a Cozumel, Mexico destination - all expenses paid (including flight to Florida, airlines luggage fee, all food, cruise and cruise taxes, as well as transportation to and from port!).

How to earn the free Scentsy cruise

How do you earn it?  By doing what you do best and accruing credits through sales, enrolling new Scentsy Consultants and mentoring team members to Certified Consultant status. Just earn 15,000 credits during the incentive months, May 1st to July 31, 2015, and you'll be joining us for four days and four nights in the balmy, beautiful Caribbean (destination: Cozumel, Mexico!) from January 7-11, 2016 -- when you could really use that extra dose of vitamin D!

Full details are available in the Resources tab on your Workstation, or access the terms and conditions here:…/Sc…/Travel-Info-US-EN-V2.pdf

To qualify for the free Scentsy Leadership cruise, you must earn 15,000* credits between May 1 and July 31, 2015. You can earn any combination of credits for the following:

  • Each new or existing frontline member who becomes "active" for the first time in their Scentsy or Velata Consultant lifetime = 1,500 credits
  • Each new or existing frontline member who promotes to CERTIFIED Consultant before the end of the promotion = 3,000 credits
  • Reaching at least 150 PRV points in each month of the promotion (May, June and July†) = 1,000 points
  • Reaching at least 500 PRV points in each month of the promotion (May, June and July†) = 3,000 points
  • Attending 2015 Scentsy Family Reunion = 1,000 points

†Consultants may only earn credits for monthly Personal Retail Volume (PRV) at one level -- either the 150 PRV points level or the 500 PRV points level, whichever is greater. ‡Credits awarded only once.

*Region 1 (US, Canada, Mexico) all-inclusive trip qualification is 15,000 points
*Region 2 (Europe) 15,000 points will earn the cruise with a credit toward airfare; 32,000 points earned includes complete airfare too.
*Region 3 (Australia, New Zealand) 15,000 points earns the cruise with a credit toward airfare; 50,500 points includes complete airfare too.

Example of how to earn the incentive cruise (many ways to do it):

  1. Sell 500 PRV for each month May, June, and July = 3,000 
  2. Help 3 frontline consultants (new or existing) get "active" for the first time = 4,500 
  3. Help 3 frontline consultants (new or existing) reach Certified promotion by July 31 = 9,000
  4. Qualify for the free Scentsy Leadership cruise with your total of 16,500 points!!!

Another example:

  1. Sell 150 PRV for each month May, June, and July = 1,000
  2. Recruit 3 new frontline team members and get them Active and to Certified = 13,500
  3. Attend SFR = 1,000
  4. Qualify for the free Scentsy Leadership cruise with your total of 15,500 points!!

You can see that the BIGGEST points are awarded for your NEW recruits who join and reach their Certified promotion before the end of July, so the sooner you recruit them, the more likely to get those 4,500 points for EACH of them!!!

Scentsy Leadership Cruise

The Leadership retreat is usually only open to Scentsy Directors and above, but this is your chance to get in on the exclusive training and networking!  No matter your current Scentsy title, you can earn our Scentsy Launch to Leadership incentive. So start earning 1 May, and then watch your progress on the Home page of your Workstation using the "Incentive Tracker" (available May 13).  If you aren't a Scentsy consultant yet, hurry and join my Scentsy team so I can help you earn it!!

Join and Sell Scentsy

Meet Scentsy International Consultants

Join me on a FREE cruise to Cozumel Mexico with all of our Scentsy family of consultants!  This incentive trip is open to all Scentsy regions, so you will get to meet Scentsy consultants from the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, Spain, France, and Poland.  Definitely an opportunity you don't want to miss.  See you on the boat!

~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director


Scentsy Australia Incentive Trip

Scentsy Free Trip

Australia Scentsy Incentive Trip

How To Earn the Scentsy Australia Incentive Trip

Scentsy qualification period for the 2015 Scentsy Australia Incentive Trip will be from August 1-January 31! Details have not been released yet as to what the exact qualifications are to earn the free Scentsy trip, but will be coming soon so check back here!

I helped four team members earn the very first Scentsy Australia Incentive Trip and I have personally earned five Scentsy trips, so I would love to help you earn a free trip too.  Join my team today and let's get you started.

Scentsy always creates an incentive trip with the aim of helping us build our businesses, so in the past incentive points have been given for things like:

So, work to use the Bonus Starter Kit month in August to help you grow your Scentsy team in Australia and you will be well on your way to earning a free Scentsy Australia incentive trip!

Australia Incentive Trip Location

The destination location for the Australia Scentsy Incentive Trip will be announced at the Scentsy AU Convention in Gold Coast at the end of August.  Such exciting news!  I will be attending and speaking at the Australia Scentsy Convention, so I will pass along the news as soon as I hear.

So, jump on and join my Scentsy team so I can help you earn your free Scentsy Australia incentive trip too!

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Scentsy Incentive Trips

Scentsy All-inclusive Free Trips

Have you ever dreamed of lavish vacations at the best resorts, in exotic exciting places?  Does your dream include going to those places for free?  I never thought I would earn free Scentsy trips, and that certainly was not my intent when I decided to start a Scentsy Business, but here I am about to go to my fourth all-inclusive Scentsy Incentive Trip.

When you earn a Scentsy incentive trip, you get an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Scentsy pays for everything, including flights, transportation to the resort and other events, even your baggage charges from the airlines!

Sell Scentsy

Scentsy Incentive Trips

I joined Scentsy in February 2008.  It took me a while to figure out how to earn a free Scentsy incentive trip, but once I earned one, I knew I could never miss one again!  Join my Scentsy team and I can show you how to earn the free Scentsy inventive trips too.  My first ever free Scentsy trip was to the Dominican Republic, and I have had so many wonderful free Scentsy trips since then too.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Scentsy Incentive Trip in May 2012

Punta Cana Scentsy Trip 2012

New York City, New York Scentsy Incentive Trip in May 2013

Scentsy Incentive Trip New York 2013

Cancun, Mexico Scentsy Leadership Retreat January 2014

Scentsy Cancun Leadership Trip

Athens and Mykonos Island, Greece Scentsy Incentive Trip May 2014

Scentsy Greece Trip

Other Scentsy Trips

I have traveled more than I ever thought I would because of my Scentsy business. I went on a Scentsy Leadership Cruise to the Bahamas in 2011. Here is a picture with me, my cruisemate, and Scentsy CEO and President Orville and Heidi Thompson.

Scentsy Bahamas Cruise 2011

I get to go to Cancun, Mexico every year for our annual Scentsy Leadership Retreat, and I attend Scentsy Annual Convention every year.  I have traveled to many fun places for Convention too, including:

"Reach" 2008:  Boise, Idaho

"Shine in '09" 2009:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Scentsy Convention SLC

Scentsy Convention 2009

"Intensity" 2010:  Denver, Colorado

Intensity Scentsy Convention 2010

"Stampede" 2011:  Fort Worth, Texas

Scentsy Convention Denver 2011

"Light It Up" 2012:  Las Vegas, Nevada

SFR Scentsy Convention Vegas

"Drive" 2013:  Indianapolis, Indiana

2014:  St. Louis, Missouri

If you like to travel, or have ever thought you would like to take more trips, come join my Scentsy team and travel the world with me!

~Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director