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19 01, 2015

Scentsy New Zealand Launch

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Scentsy New Zealand Launch Info Scentsy opened Scentsy New Zealand, adding to add to our Region 3 Australia Scentsy businesses.  Scentsy New Zealand is part of Region 3, joining the Scentsy Australia region as of March 10, 2015. Contact me today for more information on becoming a Scentsy New Zealand Consultant, or sign up today so you [...]

30 09, 2014

Scentsy New Zealand

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Scentsy Australia and New Zealand Scentsy Australia opened September 2013 and the launch has been monumental.  Scentsy Australia was the biggest Direct Sales launch in Australia's history!  Australia definitely loves Scentsy, and the sales and Scentsy Australia consultant promotions show it.  Scentsy Australia has been such a huge hit and is continuing to grow and progress.  Scentsy [...]

5 06, 2014

Recruit Scentsy in Australia

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How to Build a Scentsy Team in Australia Scentsy is growing all over the world, but there is especially huge growth in Australia and Europe (UK, Ireland specifically) right now.  It is good to grow your Scentsy team locally, since you have so many contacts right where you are, and others can see your success [...]

11 04, 2014

Australia Scentsy Convention 2014

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Gold Coast Australia Scentsy Family Reunion 2014 Scentsy Australia's first ever Australia Scentsy Convention is coming to the Brisbane area on the Gold Coast for 2014!  What an exciting opportunity to be a part of the very first Scentsy Australia Annual Conference or Convention.  We call it the Scentsy Family Reunion, but basically it's our [...]

17 01, 2014

Australia Scentsy

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Scentsy in Australia Scentsy is growing so quickly in Australia.  In just 4 short months, there are already almost 1,000 Consultants - 11 of whom are already DIRECTORS!  There is plenty of room to join, and the momentum is just getting going.  Join Scentsy in Australia now and get in while it's still on the [...]

22 07, 2013

Scentsy in Australia

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Australia is officially opening to Scentsy!! Breaking news that dates for Scentsy Australia informal "Meet Scentsy Open House Meetings" are confirmed: Sydney, Australia meeting:  Tuesday September 3, 2013   noon - 3pm   Stamford Plaza, Corner of Robey & O’Riordan Sts, Mascot, Sydney Melbourne, Australia meeting:  Wednesday September 4, 2013  noon - 3pm  Hotel Bruce County, [...]