Scentsy Laundry Liquid Detergent

**UPDATE: Sept. 27, 2016**

Scentsy Laundry

Scentsy Laundry has been so successful since the original post below that they have expanded the line to include the Dryer Disks, Washer Whiffs, Clothing Conditioner, the Laundry Liquid, and all of these available in more of your Scentsy Fragrances!

Layers Laundry Detergent

Scentsy Layers Laundry Liquid Detergent

Scentsy Laundry Liquid is a high efficiency HE laundry detergent that lives up to its name. Ultra concentrated Scentsy Layers Laundry Liquid delivers the perfect amount of amazing Scentsy fragrance and packs as much punch in a few easy pumps as a capful of traditional detergent. Our cutting-edge formula transforms the way cleaning agents bond with dirt and stains, lifting and washing them away and leaving every load of laundry remarkably fresh and clean.

Scentsy Ocean Laundry Liquid Detergent

BUY Ocean Laundry Liquid


BUY French Lavender Laundry Liquid


BUY Sunkissed Citrus Laundry Liquid


BUY White Tea & Cactus Laundry Liquid


BUY Fragrance Free Laundry Liquid

Scentsy Laundry Liquid Coconut Lemongrass

BUY Coconut Lemongrass Laundry Liquid


BUY Black Raspberry Vanilla Laundry Liquid

Other Scentsy Bath Body and Laundry Products:

Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar

Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Honeymoon Hideaway ScentEscape to a secluded retreat of dew-kissed lily and tart-sweet kiwi, shaded by lush coconut palm.

Honeymoon Hideaway has been such a popular Scentsy fragrance since it came out in the new Scentsy catalog this spring.  Honeymoon Hideaway is perfect for a light, summery scent, or makes a fun gift for summer weddings!


  Honeymoon Hideaway Your Price: $5.00

 Perfect Scentsy Wedding Gifts

All of the Scentsy fragrances in the Romance Collection would be perfect to go with Honeymoon Hideaway.  Here are a few other wedding and honeymoon perfect Scentsy gift ideas:

Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer

Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Warmer roses wedding

Bride Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Flower Girl Plug In Warmer

Flower Girl Scentsy Plug In Warmer

Scentsy Garden of Love fragrance

Garden of Love Scentsy Bar

Lucky In Love Layers Solid Perfume

Lucky In Love Solid Perfume

Scentsy Love Story Body Lotion

Love Story Layers Body Lotion

Scentsy Sunscreen

Scentsy Layers Sunscreen Lotion with SPF

This Scentsy sunscreen pulls double duty — shielding you from the sun's harmful rays with SPF 15 or 50 sunblock, while scenting your skin with some of our best-selling Scentsy Tropical scents. We all know how dangerous the sun can be to our skin so if you are planning on using sun block then why not use one that smells great?

Scentsy Layers Sunblock

Scentsy Layers Sunblock

Buy Layers by Scentsy Sunscreen Lotion with SPF

Scentsy SunblockHavana Cabana Layers Lotion SPF 15 $12.00 Scentsy SunblockRio Beach Layers Lotion SPF 15$12.00 Scentsy SunblockHavana Cabana Layers Lotion SPF 50 $12.00 Scentsy SunblockRio Beach Layers Lotion SPF 50$12.00

Scentsy Layers Lipgloss

Scentsy Layers Lip Balm also contains SPF and smells great... try Layers LipGloss and let me know what you think!

Scentsy Hand Sanitizer

Scentsy Hand Sanitizer Spray

Our new moisturizing Hand Sanitizer kills germs in one spray — without drying hands.  Scentsy Hand sanitizer with a delightful Scentsy fragrance!  This new Scentsy Layers Hand Sanitizer Spray replaces the Fragrance Foam, which has been discontinued.  This great new hand sanitizer is a perfect addition to Scentsy on the go products.

This is the perfect solution to those bad smelling hand sanitizer's that you normally find in places. Leave it to Scentsy to bring a great smelling solution to keeping hands clean and germ free.

Layers by Scentsy Hand Sanitizer

Layers Hand Sanitizer AceAce Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer AwakeningAwakening Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Coconut LemongrassCoconut Lemongrass Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer French LavenderFrench Lavender Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Garden of LoveGarden of Love Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00
Layers Hand Sanitizer LingerLinger Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Love StoryLove Story Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Lucky in LoveLucky in Love Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer LunaLuna Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer My Dear WatsonMy Dear Watson Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00
Layers Hand Sanitizer QuiverQuiver Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Route 66Route 66 Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer RU N2 MeRU N2 Me Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Satin SheetsSatin Sheets Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Sheer InnocenseSheer Innocence Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00
Layers Hand Sanitizer Simply IrresistibleSimply Irresistible Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Skinny DippingSkinny Dippin' Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Sugar CookieSugar Cookie Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Sunkissed CitrusSunkissed Citrus Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer Vanilla SuedeVanilla Suede Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00
Layers Hand Sanitizer White Tea & CactusWhite Tea & Cactus Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00 Layers Hand Sanitizer ZeppelinZeppelin Layers Hand Sanitizer $9.00

Scentsy Layers Lip Balm

Scentsy Layers Lip Gloss

New Scentsy lip balm is a soft lip gloss that leaves lips shiny, soft, and protected with SPF 15.  This is one of my favorite new Scentsy products in the new Spring Summer catalog.  I am a lip gloss girl!  I love the light flavor, infused with a tingly zip thanks to a little touch of peppermint!

Taste the tropics with four flavors of Scentsy Layers lip balm currently offered:  Havana Cabana, Rio Beach, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and Sugar Cookie.

Layers lip balm


Scentsy Washer Whiffs Laundry Perfume

Scentsy Washer Whiffs

Scentsy Washer Whiffs is pure indulgence, perfume for your laundry!  Add a cap of Scentsy Washer Whiffs laundry perfume (with your laundry detergent... I suggest using it with our Scentsy Laundry Liquid) at the start of the wash cycle and infuse your laundry with Scentsy Fragrance.

Scentsy Laundry Products

Some of my favorite ways to use Scentsy Washer Whiffs to perfume my laundry:

  1. workout clothes that can't use fabric softener
  2. occasional bed wetter problems - sheets come out smelling fresh and clean again
  3. towels are fresh and clean
  4. linens with Washer Whiffs make the whole closet smell good
  5. sheets washed with Washer Whiffs

I love Scentsy Washer Whiffs… makes my whole house smell amazing while I’m doing laundry.  I use them when I wash my sheets, and my whole room smells so good!  Definitely one of my favorite Scentsy Fragrance products.

Washer Whiffs Scents

Scentsy Washer Whiffs laundry perfumes are currently available in the following scents:

Buy Scentsy Washer Whiffs online today! 

Buy Scentsy Laundry products

Other Scentsy Laundry Products Available:

Scentsy Clothing Conditioner

Enliven your laundry with captivating Scentsy fragrance while improving fabric softness and absorbency with our exclusive, hydrophilic (water-attracting) softener. Perfect for use on dry-wicking fabric, like workout clothes, and even towels. 32 fl. oz. (25 medium loads).

Scentsy Dryer Disks

And for your dryer, toss in a Scentsy Dryer Disk and continue to scent your laundry with added anti-static benefit!  Available in the same Scentsy fragrances.

Scentsy Laundry Liquid

High-efficiency and ultra-concentrated, our laundry detergent leaves your clothes, towels and linens remarkably clean and infused with the perfect amount of Scentsy fragrance. 20 fl. oz. (50 medium loads)

Scentsy Washer Whiffs

It’s pure indulgence: fragrance for your clothes! Add a scoop of Washer Whiffs to your washer drum and enhance your clothing with Scentsy fragrance. For best results, use with Laundry Liquid. Available in two sizes: 16 oz. & 48 oz.

See other Body and Lotion Scentsy Products here

~ Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director
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Scentsy Bath Tablets

Scentsy Bath Tablets

Dec. 15, 2016 - Just thought I'd jump in here and provide an update, the Scentsy Bath Tablets were discontinued as we've adapted to what you, the customer, has told us. The Scentsy Layers line has been greatly improved and modified over the last few years to our current collection of Scentsy Skin products. I loved the Scentsy Bath Tablets but the new products that Scentsy has introduced are amazing and if you were a fan of the Scentsy Bath Tablets you'll be surprised how much you'll love the new skin products Scentsy has introduced as well as the level of quality you get from a Scentsy Skin Product.

Scentsy Fine Fragrance RollerScentsy Velvet Hand CreamScentsy Whipped Body SouffleScentsy Moisturizing Body Bar




The new categories of the the Scentsy Skin line are, in order as pictured, Scentsy Fine Fragrance Rollers, Scentsy Velvet Hand Cream, Scentsy Whipped Body Souffle, and the Scentsy Moisturizing Body Bar. Which of these new products is my favorite? That's a toughie. The Whipped Body Souffle is amazing, if you've never tried something like that it's amazing, it leaves your skin feeling fantastic and is definitely worth the splurge every now and then. The Scentsy Velvet Hand Cream is the same thing, it's fantastic for your hands and leaves your hands feeling moisturized, especially during the harsh winter months. If your a Body Bar type of person, you'll love the Scentsy Body Bar.

Available in great fragrances you'll find the Body Bar leaves your skin feeling super smooth and silky. And finally, the Fine Fragrance Rollers are great to carry in a purse or have in the car when you're looking for a fun, easy way to give yourself a splash of a great fragrance. Let's be honest, sometimes a little bit of fine fragrance can really help the sweats and T-shirt feel like we actually got dressed for the day! 😉

Want to browse the entire selection of new Scentsy Skin products? Follow the link to the Shop Scentsy Skin Products. Scentsy has always added an amazing Scentsy Man line, or what they call Scentsy Groom. The Scentsy Groom line includes a Cream Shave Soap, a Refreshing Face Balm, a Shampoo/Shave/Shower Bar, and a Nourishing Skin Conditioner. I gave my hubs the Cream Shave Soap and Shower Bar and according to his professional 🙂 opinion they were super smooth and felt great. The shave soap was a big hit and as much as he is not usually a Shower Bar kind of a guy he liked the Shower Bar and felt it was a great product. If you're looking for a fun gift for your man check out the Scentsy Groom line to spoil him a bit and make him smell nice! Follow the link to Shop Scentsy Groom.

~Becky Sattler, 

Independent Scentsy Star Director
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Scentsy Hand Soap

Layers by Scentsy Hand Soap

Scentsy Hand Soap Layers

Keep your favorite Scentsy fragrance on hand! Our Hand Soap suds up with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance, now available in the Layers by Scentsy product collection.  I really love this hand soap and my favorite right now is the "RU N2 Me Hand Soap".  Your hands will smell amazing!

Buy Layers by Scentsy Hand Soap in the following Scentsy fragrances:

Scentsy Hand Soap Layers

Buy Scentsy Hand Soap

Buy Layers by Scentsy

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Scentsy Perfume

Scentsy Fine Fragrance Roller PerfumeScentsy Perfume

Scentsy Perfume rollers are a part of the Scentsy Skin product line.  These compact, convenient fragrance rollers apply Scentsy fine perfume along your pulse points, or wherever you wish.  Scentsy Fine Fragrance Rollers are portable and highly scented for a lingering hint of fine fragrance, with the convenience of a perfume roller. (.34 fl. oz.)

Scentsy roller perfumes are small enough to fit in your purse to take along with you everywhere; even TSA approved so you can take your Scentsy perfume along with you when you travel.  I love to keep my roller perfume in my purse to freshen up after a long airplane flight.

Each Scentsy fine fragrance roller perfume is given a number instead of a name, leaving the specific fragrance interpretation experience up to you.

So, get a few and see which ones become your go-to favorites, and which Scentsy perfumes you reserve for only those special occasions.Buy Scentsy Perfume Online


Scentsy Perfume

Scentsy now only offers the Fine Fragrance Roller Perfume, and has discontinued the Layers line of Scentsy products, so the Solid Perfume is no longer available.  Scentsy has specially formulated the Fine Fragrance Roller, and I think you will fall in love with the gorgeous fine fragrance perfumes!

Scentsy sold previously available solid perfumes by Scentsy Layers but are no longer available.   The Scentsy Solid Perfumes have been replaced by the Fine Fragrance Roller Perfumes.

Layers Shower Cream

Layers by Scentsy Shower Cream

See the New Scentsy Line: Layers Shower Cream

Turn your daily shower into a pampering experience. Emollient soybean oil enriches this luscious (and lusciously scented) cream to smooth and moisturize your skin. Scentsy Layers Shower Cream works very well as a shave cream too.  8 fl oz.

Buy Layers by Scentsy

Scentsy Shower Cream

Awakening Scentsy Shower CreamAwakening Layers Shower Cream$12.00 Be Still Scentsy Shower CreamBe Still Layers Shower Cream$12.00 Coconut Lemongrass Layers Shower CreamCoconut Lemongrass Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Enchanted Mist Layers Shower CreamEnchanted Mist Layers Shower Cream $12.00 French Lavender Layers Shower CreamFrench Lavender Layers Shower Cream $12.00
Linger Layers Shower GelLinger Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Love Story Layers Shower CreamLove Story Layers Shower Cream$12.00 Lucky In Love Layers Shower CreamLucky in Love Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Luna Layers Shower CreamLuna Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Quiver Layers Shower CreamQuiver Layers Shower Cream $12.00
Route 66 Layers Shower CreamRoute 66 Layers Shower Cream $12.00 RU N2 Me Layers Shower CreamRU N2 Me Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Satin Sheets Layers Shower CreamSatin Sheets Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Simply Irresistible Layers Shower CreamSimply Irresisitble Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Skinny Dippin Layers Shower CreamSkinny Dippin' Layers Shower Cream $12.00
Sugar Cookie Layers Shower CreamSugar Cookie Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Sunkissed Citrus Layers Shower CreamSunkissed Citrus Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Vanilla Suede Layers Shower CreamVanilla Suede Layers Shower Cream $12.00 White Tea & Cactus Layers Shower CreamWhite Tea & Cactus Layers Shower Cream $12.00 Zeppelin Layers Shower CreamZeppelin Layers Shower Cream $12.00

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