Scentsy Booking Blitz

BookingBlitzBooking Blitz

Want a great way to boost your own and your team's Scentsy sales?  A Scentsy booking blitz is a great way to kick off a new month, and get your team engaged as well.  It can help to ensure you're paid at your Scentsy title (by having enough personal and team sales), or can even help you reach a new promotion.

So, let's talk about a Scentsy BOOKING BLITZ!!!  It is basically a time limit you set for yourself to intentionally set time aside to book as many Scentsy parties as you can during that time.  You can take a whole day, or focus it down to an intense push, like 30 minutes.  The important thing is to make yourself make those personal phone calls and fill up your calendar.  You can book any type of Scentsy party:  Scentsy basket party, Scentsy home party, online Scentsy party, a Scentsy fundraiser, etc.

Here's how a Scentsy Booking Blitz works:
1.  Decide on your time limit (all day one day, or focused 20-30 minute type blitz event)
2.  Set the number of bookings for your booking blitz goal (very important - then you know what you're aiming for!)
3.  Get out your List of 100
4.  Add to that list all Scentsy customers, hosts, and anyone who loves Scentsy, or would love something in the new catalog!
5.  Contact them one by one (call - no mass text or emails!!)

Don't Be Afraid of "No"

Be brave and ask EVERYONE - don't be afraid of getting a no!  You're offering the chance for them to see and show the new Scentsy products to their friends first and get free Scentsy products.

If they don't want to host a Scentsy party, they just say no, just like the waitress in the restaurant offering coffee.  Nobody is offended or awkward, they just aren't interested. You don't have to talk anyone into it; they either want to or not and you're looking for those who would love to!!  So... ready, set, BOOK those Scentsy parties!!!

Good luck; I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Becky Sattler, Scentsy Star Director


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Scentsy Vs Other Wickless Candles

How Is Scentsy Different Than Other Candles?

You may have noticed that there are a lot of wickless candles on the market these days.  It has become a very popular product due to the safety and ease of use, and of course the great smells that fill up your home or office.  Scentsy is one of the leading manufacturers of wickless candles and ensures the highest quality standards.  You get a quality piece of home decor you can use to accent your style, and your choice of over 80 scents to make your home smell just how you want it.  Scentsy is the authentic wickless candle company, but does much more than just make candles.scentsy wickless candle

The Scentsy line of wickless candles features a candle warmer that resembles a small, 2 part vase.  Each unique piece of pottery is handcrafted to the highest of quality and detail in ceramic or porcelain.  The bottom of the warmer has a low-watt light bulb that emits the right amount of heat to melt the wax and release the fragrance.  The wax in a Scentsy candle is highly scented cubes that are placed in the top dish of the warmer.  You can place the Warmer on a table top, or you can buy the Plug-in Warmer that can plug directly into a wall outlet like a nightlight.

Scentsy offers around 75 different wickless candle styles and over 80 different 'scents'.  The fragrance that is released is free of soot, smoke, or lead and of course there is no flame.   A flame from an ordinary candle can start a fire, burn a finger, harm a pet, or singe hair.  The wax in a Scentsy candle only warms to just above body temperature (like a parafin dip).

From Rocks to Warmers

This short video shows the process that is involved in how a Scentsy candle warmer is made and how it starts out as a pile of rocks, and ends up as a beautifully hand-crafted Scentsy warmer.  Not only is a Scentsy Warmer a safe way to fragrance your home, it is a decorative piece that can be used as an accent piece of beautiful pottery to enhance any decor or style.

That is a brief description of how the candles work and really what they are but it doesn't get to the heart of what Scentsy Candles really are.  They are an experience meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends.  The Scentsy party is meant to be just that..a party where everyone is having fun and not sitting in a business meeting or in a product training.  Scentsy decided that a direct selling method was the only way they could really make a difference in the lives of people from the simple aspect of having a great smelling home to providing income for those that are in search of something more in life.  And finally, they simply provide a chance for family and friends to get together for a party.

I invite you to try a Scentsy candle for the first time.  Maybe attend a party.  Maybe you will choose to become a Consultant and have your own Scentsy party and share some laughs with your own friends and family members.  However you decide to experience Scentsy, I can't wait to hear about it and know you'll love it as much as I do!

~ Becky

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Scentsy Party Time

Scentsy Double Host Rewards

Every January Scentsy DOUBLES the Half-Price Rewards for EVERY party! So there is no better time to get the most of out of your Scentsy Party and after the Holiday season that's a great deal! So how do Scentsy Host Rewards work? In a nutshell, the host rewards are based on the total value of the party which can vary from $200 to over $1,000! Parties are simple, low-pressure environments where you can simply invite your friends over for some treats and smell the Scentsy fragrances. Depending on the total value of the purchases of your guests, you earn rewards like FREE product credit and you can purchase products at a 50% Discount! The greater the total value of the products the greater the host rewards. There are so many great Scentsy products and fragrances from trendy Scentsy Warmers to the modern, innovative diffuser with a fun collection of Essential and Natural Oils to choose from so it's easy to have a great party and a lot of fun!

What Host Rewards does Scentsy offer? Here is an easy to understand chart of Scentsy Host Rewards - now remember, this chart is accurate for every month of the year except January when the number of half-price host rewards is DOUBLED! So, for example, if you have a party with a total value over $1,000 you have earned 8 half-price items!

Scentsy Host Rewards

Home Party

Thought you'd like to host a Scentsy party, but never got around to it?  Now is the BEST time to host a Scentsy party!!  January is DOUBLE the half-price host rewards, so you can get even more Scentsy for FREE.  If you live nearby,  I'll come over and together we'll have a fun, no-pressure party to help your friends spend their Christmas money on something they'll really love. Contact me to schedule your Scentsy party today!

Basket Party

If you don't live so close, an easy way to get free Scentsy rewards is a Basket party.  I'll send you my "Scentsy party in a purse" and you can host it more like a catalog or book party.  It's super simple - just take the bag of tiny Scentsy scent testers around with you everywhere you go, taking orders.  After about a week, you  send it all back and get lots of FREE Scentsy, without even having to clean your house or provide treats!   I'll be your Scentsy Consultant and help you with everything - it's super easy!  Schedule your Scentsy party today.